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  1. The science does not seem to have been settled; however, it seems that Covid vaccines have a higher fatality rate than vaccines for other diseases. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=death+rate+from+covid+vaccines&t=hc&va=u&ia=web
  2. Larry - a USA prison emergency response team leader - just told me that guys who kill pregnant women do not last long. If the Aryan Brotherhood gets hold of him - he will be killed. I assume that a similar fate awaits him in the Bangkok Hilton. RIP to his victim.
  3. I will wait and see if the vaccine/s cause any deaths. If I had any serious preexisting conditions, I would be hyper vigilant.
  4. There are only 3 dogs shown. I suspect that a sensitive owner of a poodle stepped in pit bull poop - then sought retribution.
  5. The family is the "*Primary Agent of Socialization." In North America, special interest coalitions are working to replace the family with the schools and social media. In other words, they are attempting to reconstruct Western culture. *The family is the primary unit for socializing children, which is important because no society is possible without this process. ... Parents, siblings, other relatives, and any member of a family unit, all help to socialize children from the time they are born." * https://www.google.com/search?client=fir
  6. Granted, the naughty nightlife/massage scene is a mere shadow of her former self - not to mention that Beach Road is decimated. The restaurant and gym closures are a pain in the butt; however, I have more cash to spend on Tesco Fruit Pies, and my blood no longer contains 45% Kamagra Gel, and 35% massage oil.
  7. One of the condo maids asked if she could clean my room for 200 baht. I could tell that she really needed the cash. I guess that the 200 baht bought a lot of rice.
  8. News flash! Facebook is only a website. Values come from families, and information comes from research. LOL! "Think of the press (and the Internet) as a great keyboard that the government (and special interest groups) can play."
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