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  1. Is it Ok if I get vaccinated?
  2. Not sure what all the negativity is about. I think having most people vaccinated by October is doable. That's 6 months away.
  3. The weird thing about this statement is it's pretty true right now, at least in the USA. Anti-Vaxxers are mostly rural folk and isolationist types. Most are into guns, freedom and country. Real patriotic types, American flags mounted on their cars. We call them "hicks" in America. They all stick together and don't like outsiders. In extreme cases they breed inter family, have genetic disorders, etc. I won't write a book here, but their self-esteem is low due to poverty and lack of education so they lash out at any type of government control. They are also dangerous, when riding through t
  4. To be fair, early on one did have to prove residency in the county in the usa, so it's a subtle discrimination similar to what Thailand is doing with the pink id card. That means you needed an id with an address local to where you are getting the shot or a similar mail addressed to you there. It's not just a clear walk in, no questions asked. Requirements keep changing, may be available at airports or other ways by now as more vaccine becomes available.
  5. I actually don't mind after everyone who desires a vaccine is safe. Were not there yet. Until that happens though you need to wear a mask in public.
  6. Go up North on the beach a bit, but skip the squats.
  7. Is it Ok if I get vaccinated?
  8. Exactly. What he is referring to is what I was doing for years there in my 40's. Focusing on work, and saving money in rent, food and whatever else. It was the closest I could come to living smack middle in a fairly big city at half the cost (can't afford New York or San Francisco). Nothing wrong with that. But if I really had money I admit to myself I would not be sticking around Bangkok or Thailand for that matter. You play the cards dealt to you (fold 'em) and do the best you can. People always got a bit ruffled when I told them what I was doing was 50%
  9. It's up to you Missur Bond (stop folding, stop folding, stop folding...)
  10. Mostly cultural stuff, plays, concerts, art museums, things with class. I lived years in Bangkok. It's just a big sweaty city, mostly bars and drinking. If I was in Paris I could sit at classy outdoor cafes during the day, attend cultural events, art museums, there would be a "scene" there I could break into and make associates and friends. In Bangkok I was just sitting at bars, people did not have much class, it felt low end. In higher end nightlife people were basically unapproachable, especially if the were Thai. Some of the problem could be me and other
  11. Usually referring to people that have 30+ million baht. What do you do with millions in Thailand, get an expensive condo in Bangkok and just sit there? Buy a villa in Kamala and order take out? The lifestyle is just not there for the wealthy.
  12. The problem with standing your ground on this sort of thing is that you are playing his game. There's not any winners or losers, but just players. Do what you want, I'm just giving you some advice from a lifetime. The only way to have this stuff not bother you is to not play the game, and you will find that other players know when your not in the game, and somehow don't come around much anymore.
  13. Not for long. It's going to be required soon.
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