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  1. In Thailand ,Operating margins of Retailers are the highest among the western world liested companys ( check balance of bigC,Makro compare to Ahold,tesco uk,Carefour). They can increase margin y over y , bcs lack of competition and stupid consumers. The argument of tax and transport is minor 2 examples I importetd a coffeemaschine from Italy, get refunded 20% VAT payed in Thailand &% vat and importtax 15% .was total about 25%... so at the end product price was same like in europe ( transport was 6% of good and i shippeed 1 , if shipp wholesale costs would be less than 1 %)..so why the coffeemaschine same brand cost here nearly double ??? ( my price tot 55k ans shop here 99k?? i bought one from a reatiler in IT him makes already profit,and wholebuyers buy sure cheaper than me when they order factory direct) 2. Apples from Australia ( last 3 yrs thb increase value about 30% compare to AUD) why product price go up Jazz apples pack when startet sale at bigc was 59thb , than 69 with sign reduced from 79, than 79 reduced from 89 ,and so on..until 109 thb Reason.. an automated sales programm running,as long sales not drop, they increase margin on product further,and as long thais buy everything ( cant remember price bfr,cant calculate per KG or per ltr ).....as long a company would further increase margin last behind the bahtstrenght is a simple econ. reason 1 low goverment dept and more growth compare to major countrys 2.CAPITAL inflow , the biggest argument , funds still see thailand as save heaven compare to rest in south east asia. They like prayut, bcs him strong. They , institunional investors ,dont care about the rest .. if you see capital inflow negative..the baht would be quick in a heavy downtrend.........but until now its not around the corner........... in todays world, not important a recession or less tourists ..international capital is the mover for the currency, as long its a free trade currency like the THB.. to much cheap money with the big boys made by centralbanks worldwide
  2. in defence for Pattaya, in over 30 years, i was never overcharged in any of the Bars.The Bills always correct and mostly placed in front of me, not even any baht i spend i not regret ! , not for grils not for drinks!!!!!!! ( yes their some exempt places sure in thais like karaokes 2nd floor bars bars enter w guides and so on ) etc, but never go Not that Thailand is perfect , i Tryed to get cheat from repairshops, but up to shaddy workers , tuktuks and so on By the way an omani..if they went to bahrain.. the bill just start at 50k, not feeling sry about this incident, girls need a compensation for..staying with....
  3. 30 years in the Land of Plastic ( lol not LOS more..) my result: Tm30 <deleted> ohh nothing new there was a wave about 5yr ago.. for xx month ,even condos where collecting passports ST rentals not the first time problems Probems in the past comming and going Diffrent today : i think all the <deleted> not go anymore like before Result; Thailand still has the best infrastructure,but all asian countrys now, are not worth living here anymore. No cost advantage compare to spain or turkey or others.High livingcost even in cmabodia ( for guys not only drink and smoke),The Noise ( vietnam land of tueeeeet) ,The Polution ( thai and cambodia to name),the <deleted>food and poor infrastructure ( to name the philippines). The only left here in asia, is the girls and nightlife, tahts ok for a fun holiday but not anymore for a base of living. I am tierd of the thai nonsens, they open their mouth and i could already make "urg", because daily again all nonsense come out,from top to bottom
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