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  1. Thanks tgeezer, that makes sense. The thing about white elephants is they are either automatically property of the king or they are holy (or both), i cant remember which. They can not be used for work but must be fed and cared for so an ongoing money drain. To get even more off topic, the king would give those he favored the gift of the honor of caring for one or more white elephants along with a grant of land to offset the cost. As a backhanded punishment to a noble that displeased him he would bestow this great honor without the land grant to offset the financial burden.
  2. interesting website but i fail to see the relevance. i am, however, pretty dense reguarding poetry and symbolism. look at elephant see tail, look at wife see mother????
  3. Want a semi cute amusing phrase along the lines of once you go black you never go back. i am terrible at rhymes and can't find any resources for thai rhymes. This is meant to be cute and amusing with close middle class friends, don't want anything vulgar or insinuating. Preferably written in Thai script, i hate trying to decipher transliterations. some rhyming words, a resource to find them myself, or a whole saying, anything would be appreciated Thanks
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