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  1. Go to 2 labs and pray one gets results back in time. It's 72 hours from the time your issued the results Not 72 hours from the time the test was given. As it often takes 2 to 4 days to get the results unless you're paying around $300 to a private clinic who can produce them in 2 hours (this is going by NYC rates and timeframes where Covid testing is free).
  2. Yeah maybe the 9 consecutive ones didn't help your situation. I've used them before and gotten up to 9 months in Thailand each time w/o any issues. The situation is very different now, we can all agree but this option is there for people applying for a single entry.
  3. We are given a small handwritten card in the USA also with a CDC logo
  4. 0r exit the Kingdom and come back with a fresh 6O day entry stamp with my 'multiple entry tourist visa'
  5. I just was issued a COE in Usa and it states 7 days quarantine as supplied Covid vaccination card along with my submission My ASQ is booked and accepted for 7 days. Lot's of incorrect information floating around.
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