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  1. Also saw youtube videos of all the street wires being taken down and put underground...Huge improvement.
  2. we are younger but love the pool/beach with two adopted dogs and bbq and beer all day... we have been to Bali last year and you can't get worse then that place so Pattaya will do us just fine until the crowds come back in 2023.
  3. We were last there in 2019 before moving to Vietnam which we currently reside for the past two years. We love it here also but Pattaya continues to call us back every time.
  4. We love Pattaya. I cannot count the number of times we have stayed in Pattaya (NaKlua to Bang saray) over the past 20 years and have finally decided to make it official. It seems that Airbnb has a lot to offer for one month rentals, which will avoid the agents.
  5. Wife and I will be retiring to Pattaya in September 2021 and debating if we should do AIRBnB/hotel for two weeks while looking for a house to rent long term (seems this will put us under some pressure to find a place in two weeks) or stay in a hotel for 3 nights when we first arrive and then rent a temporary house for one month, and then look for a long term house to rent long term. Your thoughts? If we decide to rent a house for one month, which real estate company/agent is best? Again Thanks for your comments and feedback.
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