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  1. People watching is a great past time, also good fun to chat up the 7/11 girlies when ya grab a fresh coldie..... if ya get lucky they might even snog you in the toilets during their lunch break !!
  2. Pattaya is closed on the weekends, all entry roads are blocked from Friday afternoon till Monday morning.
  3. Ok let me rephrase. DHL as an agent will collect 100% of the time (and add collection fee's to the total). Happy now ?
  4. That hole has been dug twice now in the past month, maybe they are going to dig again hence the sub-standard fill job. Confuses me why they keep laying the same pipe.
  5. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/5-7-10-13-5-i581924899-s1075260711.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.95.7d0e2a65zQodHC&search=1
  6. Was thinking that, no money to be made by the contractors doing it right the 1st (or 53rd) time...... next year all will be dug and replaced once again.
  7. Wonder how many hundreds of billions of baht in damages to the Thai economy has the outbreaks in his province has caused ?
  8. 3 bucks an hour sounds more inviting than 11 bucks a day !!
  9. Cheers, thanks for the heads up.
  10. My lady shares my gear to keep her bits in tune.... IT REALLY DOES MATTER.
  11. There is a rub N tug school that provides qualifications after course completion ? I gotta call BS on that.
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