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  1. Three and a half hours? My wife told me that 2 minutes is the norm here.
  2. Go 10-pin bowling. All the Thai girls I've met in Bangkok have never tried it, and it is always a lot of fun because she can order food and drinks to the lane. Or try go-karting at RCA plaza. If you need advice on things to do in Bangkok, you must have your head in the sand. There's so much to do and see. Failing that, take her to soi 4 and ask her to find a girl that she finds attractive.
  3. In the UK now, there is a trend whereby YouTubers go and film in a public place. Inevitably, they get idiots telling them that they're breaking the law and the police often get called. One of the best ones is Auditing Britain, the police usually go nuts just because someone is filming them and they abuse their powers to harass the person who is filming, well worth watching.
  4. If you just need a printer, and not a scanner, then you can get Canon or Brother laser printers on Lazada and get change from 2000 baht. In reality, if you aren't printing very much, it might be more economical to use your local print shop. I printed out all the documents and photos for my marriage extension recently and paid 30 baht.
  5. If she's slept with 20 guys in 3 days, then I'm the Pope.
  6. Another interesting one is about a guy with a beard from Leeds, UK, who can eat anything that's put in front of him.
  7. I can't believe that nobody has mentioned the hydraulic press channel yet. It's extremely satisfying, and the over the top Finnish accent is the icing on the cake.
  8. Of course, these things are extremely volatile, which is why for most people they are not good investments. Congratulations on your winnings. Maybe tomorrow Bitcoin will drop 30%, but apparently this is normal. It's pure speculation.
  9. Anyone who suggests that a crypto investment has very little risk is someone that you should ignore. It's extremely irresponsible to advise anyone to invest in such things without mentioning the risks, which, in this case are substantial. Just do a Google search for people who have lost money on crypto, there are stories about people who took out a second mortgage on the advice of a crypto buffoon, and they ended up losing their house. Crypto is just about buying something that has no intrinsic value in the hope that a bigger mug will come along and buy it from you at a
  10. You're promoting investment in cryptocurrencies, without mentioning the risks. I grew up a long time ago.
  11. Most banks around the world have deposit guarantees of some description so that if your bank goes bust, the government will cover your loss, up to a certain amount. If all your money is in crypto, held in some exchange based in Serbia, when the exchange gets hacked you'll just get the middle finger. And eventually, they are all going to get hacked. You can cry all you want about how many clown-coins got stolen, but they mean nothing, they have no intrinsic value and they have no use at all, they are an imaginary asset that has no use. You can make a fortune from crypto, but to promote it as a
  12. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bernie-madoff-move-over-stablecoins-have-you-beat-jason-bloomberg Neeranam is promoting a scam on this forum. If it looks like a Ponzi scheme, smells like a Ponzi scheme, and offers 12% interest, then it almost certainly is a Ponzi scheme. Moderators, you need to do something about this.
  13. I didn't say that it's bad, but I think you should clarify the risks before promoting it, just being responsible. If you think that is me being a troll, then that's your opinion, and you are perfectly entitled to it and I respect your right to your opinion. Crypto can make you rich, but you also have a duty to point out the risks. If there was a legitimate way to earn 12% per annum on your assets without risk, then everyone would be doing it. But it absolutely is not without risk, and irresponsible to promote it as such.
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