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  1. Second time you are chatting nonsense again. Australia has resumed repatriation flights from India for their citizens. Like the UK, you enter quarantine on return. Conveniantly you ignored your early post statement where you stated that Indians could come to the UK and do a quarantine. You were wrong, but have chosen to ignore it. You now claim you have read media reports that people returning back to the UK from India have obtained false PCR tests. Other than reading media reports you have not seen any physical evidence yourself - and besides even if they do get a f
  2. FACT. The UK government does not allow Indian visitors to the UK. It allows UK citizens or those with a permanant residence stamp in India to come back, and then quarantine in a hotel. It does not allow indian citizens or those with visas to enter the UK. Albeit these restrictions came far too late.
  3. Domestic tourism has lowered to Phuket primarily because of the instance of a test on arrival or before you fly. People are afraid to take a test and the consequences of a positive test (field hospital). With international visitors arriving in Phuket, i doubt you will see any domestic tourists - they'll be avoiding Phuket like the plague.
  4. Behave. If you think Thailand is a tough gig to get into - go see neighbours Hong Kong and Singapore which are closed, and if you get government permission to enter you will do a horrific 3 weeks quarantine. Try getting into Vietnam! Thailand has one of the more open approaches in Asia. There is a raging pandemic with a more transmissible variant. If they put no measures in place (albeit some are misguided) you'd have a scenario with a virus raging out of control (see India), which will in turn cause more damage.
  5. I assume parks and pools were closed as they intended to stop close social gatherings in large groups. Tad misguided of course. There is also the psychological trick of raising awareness by some low level, yet striking policies - eg, closing malls an hour early. On the surface it does very little to stop the spread, but it does raise awareness and resonates with people who may have become relaxed. You also have to assume that perhaps they attempted to get the virus back to zero covid like they have enjoyed with past outbreaks, but it's an impossible task with the new
  6. They achieved not letting the virus run out of controls. You could have got a situation like in some European countries where they were having over 100,000 cases a day and hospitals full. This Indian variant is much more trannsmissible - no chance they can get it back to zero.
  7. Good news and bad news. Good things opening up, especially the nonsensical choice to close down parks. Bad news - infections will definately creep up. Just a warning if i'm in a park, and some jogger dares runs past me without a mask in heavy exhale pespiration emitting from their mouths i will explode.
  8. You would literally be walking around on egg shells, fearing anyone would come near you and pass something on. You'd have to be incredibly brave to go and sit down in restaurants or bars (if open) surrounded by people without masks - if the consequence could mean a positive PCR test. It would be akin to getting to sent to jail !
  9. As soon as it went to 14 days (actually 15 days), with 3 tests, and the threat of going into a field hospital, families seperated if you test positive, then it was never going to work. It's essentially just turned into a another quarantine proposal, that will take guests from Bangkok to Phuket. The number who have entered Bangkok since ASQ began has been very low. Infact Phuket will probably be best served by just opening up to domestic tourists again. With the more dangerous Indian variant i do understand why Thailand would be cautious. There will be unvaccinated peo
  10. Sounds horrific indeed. So i doubt they are going to get many families.
  11. Going by his logic he probably assumed as they were from India they could only speak Indian. I assumed he watched them closely disgusted that they broke the laws and plane just landed at Utapao airport and every Indian just ran off when as soon as the wheels of the Boeing A380 hit the tarmac - after all by his logic, that's what's Indians do. He then may have come up with other cliched racial stereotypes - maybe he was afraid they would start measuring his trouser length if he approached them, or perhaps they may he wanted his share his drink with a straw. No, he kept his distance
  12. The risk of catching covid, and extending your quarantine to another 14 days would be too stressful to enjoy any social gathering - like bars, restaurants, etc. The only positive is you can go for walks, and leave your room. Doubt anyone will be playing russian roullete and hitting restaurants and bars (if open).
  13. So you see a few indian guys walking around Pattaya - you suspect they are new arrivals from India, despite Indians being banned due to the new variant. Your reasoning for believing this is because they seem 'out of place'. Just curious what is the 'norm' to look like being in Pattaya? Old, crusty, shaved head, and a British accent?
  14. Is the no mention of Pfizer an oversight ? The vast majority of USA, Canada, and alot of European countries have had the Pfizer.
  15. How do you know they had just arrived? How do you know they were Indian, and not another asian country? They also may not be from India, even though they maybe of indian origin.
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