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  1. I see shots from my ex in Korat , they partying with water and booze all over the moobaans No mask seen at all I did see one chin warmer
  2. I see these Ducklings all over Korat , why would you come all the way over here to get an Ugly Pumpui Duck
  3. With Covid more bags are used takeaway etc
  4. Great Deals on monthly on air bb, no deposits , my room should probably be 25,000 but I get for 8,000 b a month 20th floor sea views 50sqm Prantamak
  5. Air B &B monthly is way to go , no deposits or minimal , I’ve been doing it for 8 months
  6. Some of us don’t enjoy mosquitoes, Rats , Snakes we live above those problems, I would never own a house and theses Villas are stacked up next to one another , No privacy, 20 th floor Sea Views Pattaya Views , No Way a Homeowner
  7. Japan Airlines is having Great Deal , biggest seats in economy 800 bucks RT to SFO and back , Free Changes to Flights , Also
  8. Thailand you said you were getting tough in Drunk Driving , Crush their vehicles and 30 days monkeyhouse
  9. They just leased to China their Port and told USA No Thanks, So make them pay it back
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