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  1. what happened ? how long do you know she ? how much money do you send / give her monthly ?
  2. Im very happy until today with she, never she make contact with other man she loves her family including farlang husband
  3. Same day I have finished with my longtime girl friend, (she was educated with Bachelor Master Degree) I dont accept to buy Gold, finance her life pay this and that, her brother have problem, give me today 15.000 THB, then she talking about Sinsod and Gifts for Family otherwise she not want stay with me. Last time I lost about 100.000 THB for stay 6 weeks together 1 Day later very early in the mornig, I sit outside for eat breakfest, the Bargirl suddenly she saw me, coning straight from costumer after small talk and common eat breakfest she came with me again in apartment, sleep an
  4. No, I pay the Bargirl only Short time 1000 THB + Barfine because coming 10 p.m from Airport, told her very tired want sleep, she grabbed my balls and we fell asleep together woke up at night, went to Insomnia, Around 9 a.m. goodbye forever, she knew I have longtime girl friend, dont care ! she also told me, several regular costumers had booked longtime with mamasan for several weeks and made a deposit I didnt pay anything extra for longtime with her.
  5. To be honest Regarding Brexit, we have same small group stupid people in Germany called AFD want German Brexit leave the EU and EUR Currency.... to be lucky only stupid small group What can a dwarf like Germany, France or the UK, without its large EU family, do against economic powers like China, India, ASEAAN or the USA? The small Asian states have come together in ASEEAN, the counterpart to the EU while the UK is now alone in the world. In Asia people laugh at Brexit, especially China, the British dream of their past. You do business with your
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