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  1. Thanks guys. The form itself gives away a few clues. Definitely gonna need a birth certificate, my sister is searching thru a suitcase of papers back in the uk, bet its not there. Also the two divorces some 35 and 25 yrs ago, i hardly remember their names, let alone where the divorce absolute was and when! Oh well i guess push on and get it done.....i guess my NI number works but the rest of it is DWI belt and braces? But best they check, and im not worried given how kosher i am.....once again thanks everyone
  2. Hi Everyone i am about to reach uk pension age. I realise i can apply four months before my 66th birthday. My question is, before that, how difficult is it to do online from here? And what sort of dates and documents will they require? I intend having my state pension paid straight into my Thai bank account. thanks in advance
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