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  1. 10 nights - but it appears not all hotels are aware, and rules have not been clearly published. My understanding is that it is actual arrival time of your plane - though could not find it clearly explained. Suggest you read the thread below - where you can see more information, including suggested comms to hotel. If ASQ does not confirm, look further. Not all hotels do give a discount for 11 instead of 10 nights it seems (perhaps because they need to keep the room free in case of flight delays?).
  2. Hi All, I applied on the 23rd of March for a COE for arrival date 29th of April and received COE same day. At recommendation of someone I just checked and downloaded the COE again. It now has an addition section with dates of vaccinations (in my case N/A) and indicates period of quarantine: no less than 10 days. As far as I know the lists are not published yet - and the government may review the countries regularly. However, I take this as a good sign. Also Facebook page of embassy in Switzerland now indicates ten days quarantine. Other embassies (including Belgium/ Net
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