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  1. If that is a problem then you'll make a new account on your wife's/gf name. I do the same, also with phone number for the delivering, I always gives my gf phone number to explain how to drive.
  2. When I order something at Aliexpress, I use a Thai debetcard without any problems.
  3. Trust me they've never heard of the Everly Brothers. That's farang music.
  4. After considering to do it by myself or through a contractor, I made the decission to make self my solar cell installation from about 5-5.5 Kwh. Some items are easy to find, like batterys, I make choice for the lipo4 cells, with a total voltage of 48V with a current of 240Ah. Also I made choice for the inverter from Goodwe, model GW5048D-ES, I like to make a hybrid system connected to the grid. But about the solar panels it is more complicated, initially i wanted to use the Longi 450W type, but today i see, there are already 530W models from Longi. Only, there are available
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