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  1. Exactly. Assume these endless Govt. Vax Notices are worthless for foreigners. Simply Waiting for one of my private hospitals to call me in for western covid vax. Private Registration / Certificate / Vax is their (usual) business ......... covid or non- covid vax ....... no interest in any thai govt vax scheme..... which we can assume will never meaningfully exist for foreigners .....will always be Sinovac / Thais First & Last !
  2. agree with you jackdd that subject may well have to leave thailand,,,,,,,, but with I suggest an Imm. No Penalty Letter ( if possible) , not just show up at Border Post and get jailed and / or permanently deported.......... I,m clearly no thai lawyer so dont answer thai legal questions ....... rather naive to be calling for applicable laws considering where we are ...... the law may serve as the case vehicle but connections way more important than laws here I suspect...
  3. yes mate but I’m saying use a DLT Agent so you dont need to go to DLT HQ yourself ..... those testing garages will include or know such Agent ........ just added some more thoughts on that Imm. case as I also know of a quite different but equally serious Imm.- case , together with a temporary “solution” which might somehow apply in your case. yes busy here tonight, trying to help out but only from my direct personal experience or knowledge ... (watching Live Premier League Football in between posts at present......)
  4. Yes jackdd you prove my point......“get a Lawyer” is clearly not useless or bad advice in this case..... whereas your “get a fixer” proposal is obviously terrible advice ....... you really do seem to have nothing of value to offer here except perhaps a period of silence ? very last thing they need is to be scammed by some chancer seizing on their vulnerable distress....... This case will certainly require connections at the highest Imm. levels.....to have any chance of success..... lots of dough unavoidably & unfortunately required .....without success guara
  5. Use an authorized DLT Agent...... they are everywhere. If Green Book issued / updated by DLT it will be cleared on their data base. New Owner takes Green Book, Bill of Sale (in thai), Seller ID to change Owner Name They wont want to look at the vehicle DLT were very good in my case of Car Changes for Blue Book / Owner / Location / Plate 100 baht “fee” for all DLT paperwork BUT that was for a fully legit taxed car bought from govt. civil servant.......no insurance or bank case.... We Tax / Inspect / Insure it religiously every year - Surely you MUST com
  6. so much useless and dangerous advice here uk embassy / consulate: not their concern, suspect any type of such intervention is worth jack and might even worsen things..... “Imm. said this and that”: seriously .......? after 40 days max. legal overstay, assume by law you will normally be permanently deported .....this case has strong mitigation but no legal intervention for six mths.......... very complex Immigration Case, allowed to drift : Best Specialist LAWYER clearly required at once.......
  7. Experienced Connected combined Immigration Lawyer / Agent Required .........
  8. tyranny is still tyranny in any form even democratic govts have misled us here by exagerated covid death forecasts, lied about effective measues & used fear to compel compliance, and STILL failed to protect the vulnerable....... freedom of speech should ideally be absolute , with consequences, but without being criminal. consequences of income loss, reputation loss civil lawsuit, physical assault etc are quite sufficient.......... politicians cannot be trusted to make legal limitations to free speech as they end up protecting special interest groups, usually religi
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