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  1. If I had to guess, he's taking the day off so that if the (announced) numbers drop to 3,900 tomorrow, he'll have the energy for an "I told you it wasn't exponential, we're near the end of the tunnel!" victory lap
  2. I tried for a good 5 minutes to come up with a post that wouldn't be rejected for language and just couldn't succeed
  3. I know it's beating a dead horse, but it's so astounding that a government that ONLY cares about enriching themselves would do everything they can for the short-term gain at the cost of destroying tourism, the true money-raiser, for years to come They clearly don't care what the doctors have to say about the risk to people's lives, but you have to figure that SOMEBODY was in there detailing what a major and never-ending outbreak would do to their pockets when tourism would be killed Right???
  4. The way some countries talk about hitting 70% and herd immunity makes me think of Michael Scott thinking all you have to do is yell, "I declare BANKRUPTCY!"
  5. Nobody is saying that we should live like this forever because of the impact on the flu. All that's being said is that the measures being taken to protect against Covid are indirectly helping against the flu It's almost impossible to not comprehend that point, but you managed to pull it off. Kudos to you my guy It's astounding reading this thread. We're 1 and a half years into this and there are STILL people who argue that it's no worse than the flu. For people to be that obtuse or that incapable of admitting that they were wrong (or brainwashed) is truly remarkable
  6. Ah yes, when you don't like the message, shoot the messanger That'll solve all of the problems!
  7. Just google the publication and the name of the country and you'll find it pretty easily Sorry, I'm not comfortable posting anything else besides this
  8. "Prayuth urged the public to get vaccinated as fast as possible" There are just no words. As much a slap in the face as republicans in the US saying that "there was no insurrection, it was just a tour of the capital building"
  9. Wasn't trying to tease the articles, was genuinely curious if they had been discussed here or if people were aware of them off of this forum I'm not comfortable posting links but they're both from within the past two weeks. But a quick google search should bring up both relatively quickly
  10. FYI, if you look at his posts, he's edited them to remove multiple comments I was responding to But just to bring you up to speed, he literally said, "covid is no problem for healthy people with good working immune systems" and then made comments about how because weaker, sicker and older people are the only ones dying it's no big deal (where he intimated that it's a thinning of the herd) and that people shouldn't be upset because it's god's will for them to be targeted. And then he spent an entire post talking about how 4 million dead isn't terrible Believe
  11. It's truly astounding how big a piece of **** you have to be to not only say that the virus isn't a big deal because ONLY 4 million people have OFFICIALLY died from covid, but to also claim that if someone is more severely impacted due to not being the picture of health, they deserve it and it's god's will There's unfortunately been a lot of horrific posts I've read in my short time here, but that absolutely takes the cake Mods, PLEASE don't remove it. Everybody should have the chance to see what sort of sociopath they're posting with here
  12. Here's the thing: Like far too many people, he doesn't care in the slightest about the death and suffering that this disease has brought. If they die, it's because they're somehow weaker than he is, and quite frankly, they deserve it (or it's god's will apparently). That post of his is truly the perfect encapsulation of the horrifically selfish and unemphatic elements of society that we see far too often these says. And in the ultimate irony, they're almost ALWAYS from the religious side of the coin, where they ignore every positive aspect of religion that preaches car
  13. I would honestly respect people like him so much more if instead of saying things like, "it's perfectly safe as long as you're not above 55, are thin, don't smoke, don't have any immune issues (including gastro diseases), a family history of heart disease, cancer, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure etc," they just said, "screw everyone at risk, I don't want to be bothered by restrictions"
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