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  1. It has to be specific Thai insurance companies
  2. Another fantasize living in the sensationalist headlines...probably never been here but wants a lady boy..LOL
  3. 'Thai people i know have been offerd the Sinovac and refused to take it'..I call BS. Prove it. Sorry but the very few Thais I know have accepted it with gratitude and expect to have more choice next year or later this year. They are medical staff...
  4. Not in Phuket but Pattaya is mercifully different
  5. All bars are currently closed though some restaurants might open soon but not serve booze..The question the thread addresses is kinda redundant and has been for months..I wish the Mods would put it out of its misery
  6. The vaccine roll out is commencing, slowly but ahead of schedule, with priority groups being determined. People bickering on this forum might try talking to their neighbors or asking around at various hospitals or even checking other threads on this forum...Many countries had start up problems. Thailand is not alone in this
  7. Most UK sex offender have traveled to the UK from North Asia and are part of a high profile community..currently a gang of 13 child rapists are being tried...most of whom won't be bothered about travelling abroad as after serving their very light sentence they can continue with impunity in the UK or return to their country of origin with their dual passport
  8. A poll of Thai Visa Forum activists will naturally create negative results. There is zero evidence that the respondents are in Thailand, have ever been to Thailand or have had any dealings with immigration. Moreover, there does seem to be a rump of people here who complain about every single aspect of living in Thailand and would no doubt complain if they were given financial rewards for attending government offices.
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