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  1. While there seems to be a concerted effort by more than one to decry any vaccine other than Pfizer or Moderna on grounds of inefficacy or associated risks the reality is that efficacy and extremely marginal risk are questionable for All the vaccines. The South African variant has challenged although Moderna is claiming a modification appears to provided a solution to that issue. Moderna has so far escaped any notable links to dangerous side effects. Pfizer not so but interestingly such information has long been kept under the radar of social commentary. https://www.cdc.gov/
  2. Does that report say if these people were already tested positive or not ? It seems strangely "co-incidental" that such an association is now also being linked to the Sinovac vaccine.
  3. An amendment to my post. It is a small village ( Ban Khok Sa-ad ) in the district of Prakhon Chai that has been isolated and locked down following the death of one of two persons found infected.
  4. It would not surprise me that by midweek there will be much stricter edicts by Provincial governors that will go as far as total lockdowns. Have just been told that the roads into Prakhon Chai in Buriram province have been closed due to what must presumably be a massive number of suspected cases that would justify such actions ! Am not denying that the info is anecdotal at this point in time but if at all accurate is a sign of some serious days ahead!
  5. IMHO "the other scenario" just may be the expectation conceded to but unsaid by those "in control" ! Official expressions of sympathy in advance of most probable outcome post Songkran will be unlikely to be reciprocated by the general public.
  6. I can report that it is currently raining in my Thailand location which is in contradiction of the general local weather forecast . I can proclaim this but I am currently unable to provide irrefutable evidence of the fact. I would suggest your declaration of reports about provincial covid cases should indeed be qualified as anecdotal !
  7. In acknowledgement of the general opinion being that those who have the authority to do so have made a dangerous error of judgement in consideration of all the relevant factors including known sources of imminent spread, rising numbers attributed to same, public expectations re' "promises" about allowing Songkran despite last minute restrictions it would seem clear that only a relatively small amount of time will tell as to extent or not of that error.
  8. Prior to the paranoia over Covid what you suggest could be arguably true . And yes in the early days perhaps some deaths were never defined as to cause. A complication that existed at that time was that in the northern regions there was a particularly nasty respiratory virus in circulation that has been mostly ignored in favour of speculation about covid-19. What has changed since is the very intense scrutiny given to any signs of a respiratory illness even at household level generated by the continued paranoia. Even at rural village clinic level there is a remarkable level of dilige
  9. IMO the reasoning is valid in that it does not inhibit access to a meal but it removes the incentive to extend the time in the eatery. And more so it denies those who would order just a basic entree' and many bottles of beer !
  10. Forgot to add this link...... https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344469305_Real-World_Evidence_The_Case_of_Peru_Causality_between_Ivermectin_and_COVID-19_Infection_Fatality_Rate
  11. https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/why-you-should-not-use-ivermectin-treat-or-prevent-covid-19 . There was a flurry of adjunct clinical trials/investigations involving ivermectin in many places around the world including Thailand. Claims of efficacy were initially common but several papers that got published have been withdrawn and the subject has gone quiet since in same way as the famous malaria medication touted by a high profile individual. Despite that the following link which while it does suggest some validity is also subject to more retrospective analysis
  12. The cumulative test results would obviously be post sample taking date so it can be safely assumed many potentially infected people associated with will could already also become distributors across the entire geographical region of Thailand. Given the indicators of an identified significant cluster and yet openly in one moment encouraging interprovincial travel for Songkran and in the event of that then in the next moment encouraging by suggestion a delay in a return from such an exodus gives rise to some speculative questions ! Was this purely due to some ill-advised attem
  13. "The human Genome" ? Really? How more complex than a lizard in real terms? As a species humans have evolved to a capacity to eliminate viable existence of itself and anything much more than cockroaches. ! Is that intelligence at it's best or an abheration that the system of natural selection will inevitably prevail to regenerate whatever can manifest itself in a new cycle of survival? "God" is an entity of existence which neither science nor theology can define but which as a factor of even neanderthalic considerations has involved the development of cults within cults
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