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  1. not to be morbid...always liked the song... this album reminds me of an 18 y.o. girlfriend...oh susie, my susie tell me who'll be lovin' you tonight...
  2. anyone notice any disruption to regular hongkongpost airmail HK to Thailand with the recent protests? talking about documents and small parcels... thanks in advance...
  3. left over vindaloo on baked potato (better than jasmine rice if yer diabetic) liberally garnished with chopped fresh cilantro (coriander), nice...
  4. if it's only a few pages many cheap hotels will have a small printer/scanner for passport copies and etc behind the reception counter available for a small charge, if it's a big document then must look elsewhere especially if yer not a guest...
  5. made some tonight and used this https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/11516/chicken-vindaloo next time definitely gonna add some potatoes...seems to be a number of ways to make it, some with a lemon juice/vinegar marinade and some without etc...could use a pork loin the next time, might need to adjust the marinade...
  6. great Dave Mason song after he left Traffic...Delany and Bonnie add some nice touches on their cover...man, what a time that was, such great music... plus war, chaos and disorder...sorta like now but the music ain't near as good...
  7. OOPS! it's an LED backlight and NOT an LCD display as I had described earlier...looks like a big mess and a replacement will be required, if I wanna live that long...I got a unit upstairs that I don't use with a smaller screen and older than the present defective unit, maybe just go with that one (while the clock ticks out...) it's only got one HDMI slot and the sound is still good... thanks folks for all yer help...
  8. I've got a 40" samsung LCD about 7 -8 years old and suddenly a dark shadow has appeared across the bottom of the screen...I only use it with HDMI and the laptop, no TV reception, the laptop display is OK...the sound started to go manky about 2 years ago... are there any adjustments that I can make to correct the situation or is the unit ready for the shit pile?
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