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  1. Oh please, dry your eyes out. As for being very young, yea righto lol. I highly doubt any young people post on here.
  2. I was hoping on a 3 day trip to Hua Hin in mid-June. Crystal ball time, but what are the chances of the bars being open again and some sense of normailty back by then?
  3. Yep. It's funny how people want to re-invent history. Way before Covid this forum was full of threads reading 'Pattaya is dead' 'Chiang Mai is dead' etc, etc..
  4. Ok. It did seem strange that expats needed a pink ID card to register, but since it was thought that may be the case I was simply surmising why that may be. Anyhow, Was just reading that the gov are now saying that no expats can register for a vaccine, ID number or not, although that will no doubt change again soon. It's gonna be messy, but on a personal note I am in no hurry to get jabbed up.
  5. And you completely missed the point. I'm surmising why they are asking for a pink ID card, get it? So tell me then why do think one needs a pink ID card to register for a vaccine? And I'm fully aware what the purpose of a vaccine is, but thanks for the insight and your wisdom lol.
  6. If that is true then maybe that is their way of identifying what is truly an 'expat' The term expat in Thailand has always been, imo, a word used loosely. Many are simply drifters, hangers on, existing on 25k a month etc, not contributing anything towards society (except from buying large Leo's from the local mom n pop shop and 30 naht 'dishes' the local noodle stool) Not defending the Thai gov as I think they are clowns, but can understood why they may want to separate the wheat from the chaff rather than it being a free for all, and allowing any down and out tramp farang get free jabs? Just
  7. Probably worth getting if you can, but a DL carries more 'credibility'
  8. ''My next question would be - how does this impact Health insurance for a farang husband'' LOL - Dream on.
  9. The gov don't want to take income away (again) from folk already on the breadline. I actually applaud that. It's 20 deaths a day (less than there are on the roads) not 200 a day.
  10. Well look at the expert. You do realise that farangs have been coming out with that exact same drivel for 30 years plus.
  11. By the way mate, are you hoping things will be back to relative normal there by August? is it just a short trip or a lengthy stay? I'd love to go back myself but financially not as liquid as I was right now..
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