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  1. HAS ordered 63 million doses, I thought he was trying to get 35 million. Where are the 63 mil coming from and when?
  2. Bigging themselves up as usual, I doubt if they will ever get round to exporting anything. Intentions are not reality, we have to wait and hope.
  3. Exporting should only be done after they produce enough for the home population, and they have not started yet. Better planning would not necessitate trying to import at the last minute.
  4. Most of the work is agricultural work getting about 40k a month
  5. If the dead man had done what they police told him to and stayed in the car there would have been no trial, appeals will go on for years.
  6. Thousands of Thais are working in S Korea, 4 of our family. They try and stay for 5 years until their passports run out. They can earn about 4x what they can here.
  7. Surely no need as we were told Siam Bioscience would be producing 18 million vaccines a month from June, or does the PM know something the public don't?
  8. Originally the amount they were planned to produce a month from June was mentioned, now there is nothing said about the numbers, a million would be far too low, needs to be tens of millions a month. I see it was originally 18 million a month, is that still on?
  9. The Dutchmans house may have been there but the Kanit house was all filmed on Suk soi 4, now demolished. They also used a restaurant on soi 31 and the Atlanta Hotel on soi 2
  10. Thanks for this info, took one out, seems daft not to at the price. You are not covered for 14 days from taking a policy out. I think the costs will go up as more people get infected
  11. You cannot retrain a dogs genes, training a pittbull never to attack is as hopeless as trying to train a poodle to be a sheep dog.
  12. Try taking physillum husk, or powders including them, can get several types at 7/11. I used those enema's often, usually work in 2-4 mins. All they are is salt and water but they work.
  13. Once the pit bull genes get into the soi dog population this will be an everyday event, not putting this killer down is criminal in itself, he should be a giant pile of ash by now!
  14. ALL Pit bulls are untrustworthy, just look up the stats on the numbers killed and injured by these monsters. They have been bred for violence and no amount of training can alter their nature. They are banned in 12 countries and in some states for a reason, they are killers given half a chance. Of course the 'pittie' owners always claim their dog would not harm a fly!
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