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  1. I like how your building your walls eliminating what we call in the states thermal bridging. I think the air space will keep your house much cooler.
  2. I'm heading into Tak today so hoping I can find a local shop there that can help me out.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I like the idea of going with the cassette style and having the option of being able to place the unit in the center of the room. I like Carrier products also so hopefully I can find a local shop that carries them. I, agree on using a local shop I seem to have better service with the ones I have used to build the house over the big box stores.
  4. I'm thinking the same with 2 units. When I did the calculations it came out that I should be getting a unit that is around 56k BTU. I wish I went with Q-Con blocks or something other than the standard concrete blocks.
  5. Thanks for the heads up. Going to Thaiwatsadu in the morning see what my options are. If anything I'm at least getting one for the bedroom to take the edge off . Doing the math I should be able to get away with a 14k btu but will probably go a little higher.
  6. Thanks to everyone on their input. It gives me a little bit to go with when I'm out looking at my options. I, hate going shopping for anything here especially when it comes to asking the folks at the store as I seem to always be led down the path to the most expensive and not really what I need to suit the situation.
  7. Looking for advise as usual. 5555 I, am looking to purchase an AC unit for the house. I, plan on installing it on the 2nd floor in our living room the total area of the 2nd floor is 96 Sq. M. This includes a living room, 2 bedrooms and a small bathroom. The house is typical cement block and concrete and holds the heat for many hours into the evening as expected. I, would like to install it in the living room so I'm not sleeping right under it as I hate having the AC blowing right on me. I'm inclined to go a little bigger than is needed to offset the thermal inefficiency of the block. Any
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