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  1. That's ok if you have a job. In the end that accrued interest on top of the principal has to be paid. It's just kicking the can down the road.
  2. I think mainly for foreigners. It's to expensive for Thais, even HiSo's who won't pass up on free stuff. Moderna is 3,800 baht up front at Bangkok Hospital Udon Thani and its cheaper on the open market than pfeizer. Moderna is $24.00, about 800 baht a dose retail. Thai's aren't known to pony up that kind of money even if its probably a much better vaccine in regards to variants.
  3. Wonderful. A new area for Cheap and unreliable Chinese imports.
  4. Cheaper to pay off some people at the border to avoid the expensive quarantine facilities. Heres an example: Eleven Hotel Bangkok is a brand new 4-star ASQ hotel located in the popular Sukhumvit Soi 11 just 4 minutes away from Nana BTS station. The hotel is offering modern, clean and spacious rooms for a comfortable quarantine in Bangkok. Package of 14 days stay: • Deluxe Room – 25-29 sqm. (single occupancy): THB 38,900 net • Executive Room with Bathtub – 36 sqm. (single occupancy): THB 52,000 net Additional person • Family package is available on hotel’s
  5. I wonder what ridiculous price Bangkok Airways would propose? Bangkok Airways is already an overpriced monopoly in the first place.
  6. Everytime I read, see, or hear Anutin I feel a sense of dread.
  7. .... right after they tackle the COVID-19 debacle.
  8. Stop your "planning" Anutin! Just buy 30 million doses and get people vaccinated! Stop buying the overpriced and ineffective Chinese garbage.
  9. Registration at Udon Thani Hospital for Moderna was swamped! All vaccines were sold out in one day. These were pre-order for October.
  10. They need an outside professional IT company to make these apps. There terrible and look and work (usually not) by a bunch of drunken sailors.
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