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  1. What's that got to do with my comments about the numbers of vaccinated people in the UK?
  2. Oh dear another attempting to deny what they wrote and dislike being pulled up about it. This what Patanawet posted..."Did Thailand thank UK for vaccinating EVERYONE in England INCLUDING ALL THAIS for free?" I responded to Patanawet that "the UK has not vaccinated anywhere near everyone". That is accurate and not a denial of anything. I am quite happy to be pulled up if I am wrong but, in this case, I am not.
  3. "Vaccinations given" My comment related to the number of people vaccinated , not the number of physical vaccinations! You don't add together the first and second dose numbers, they're the same people! If I get the first dose, I'm one person, when I get the second dose I'm still that one person, I don't become two people. If 17,214,436 people have had the second dose, that means that 17,214,436 people have been fully vaccinated out of a population of 68,000,000, i.e. nowhere near "everyone" as Patanawet claimed in his post. Just as I said.
  4. Not quite true. British staff at the Embassy together with all British staff at the British Council were confirmed last week as having had the vaccination. It was of no cost to the individuals whom were lucky to have received it, unlike the rest of us Brits. What exactly is "not quite true"? Nowhere near everyone has been vaccinated in the UK is a fact. The second part of my comment was a question, how can that be "not quite true"? It has not been officially confirmed by anyone that foreigners will have to pay when their turn comes. That is also a fact.
  5. Nowhere near "everyone" has been vaccinated in the UK. Has it been officially confirmed that foreigners in Thailand will not get the vaccination free of charge? Not speculation, not hearsay, but definitive confirmation.
  6. I see that now, I misread your post.
  7. I had this discussion with them, and Bangkok Bank, yesterday after my debit card was not accepted, again. BBL said my debit card was ok and that they had contacted Tops who advised them that it was rejected because Tops do not accept debit cards (from any issuer) for online payments, i.e at the time of ordering. Tops "Chat" service also confirmed that to me. Credit cards are accepted at the time of ordering, debit cards are not. The van drivers do have the card machines that accept debit cards, the express delivery bikes don't, cash only with them.
  8. You can only order Tops (and every other online supermarkets') items and weights that are shown as being available on their website. If 250g sirloins are shown, you can order them, if they're not, you can't. They don't take requests. Normal delivery is in refrigerated vans so there's no problems with meat or dairy items.
  9. That's my experience also but they couldn't do that on their advertised H/O contact number.
  10. Their drivers always call me an hour or so before hand to check that the delivery time is ok. Just had a delivery this morning with the preparatory phone call. Paying upfront online with a card requires a credit card, debit cards are not accepted. I think the Tops delivery vans have machines which do accept debit cards but the motorbike drivers do not have them.
  11. And it looks as though it's only in Thai, subject to minimum orders of B1,500 and deliveries anytime during the day, not specified times. Doesn't look like a lot of fun. Tried calling them to ask about it but they couldn't find any English-speakers.
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