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  1. Didn't an 80+ lady spend some time in the cells? Don't know about an 80-year old+ woman, specifically, but I believe they were all arrested initially because of the suspicion that they were gambling (for money) so it's likely that they were detained overnight before bail was arranged and all the charges were dropped.
  2. It's also just as likely that he didn't when all you're doing is speculating based on nothing.
  3. That's an "SUV"? Honda always called it a "Comfortable Recreational Vehicle".
  4. Unless the vehicle is almost undriveable, none of those will affect ride comfort in any significant way for rear seat passengers.
  5. Yep. Finally nailed them on not paying tax on some deck of cards I think. Sheesh! You think wrong, all charges were dropped.
  6. The link refers to "possession" and the place seems to be her home, the photo was probably just helpful in getting the warrant issued.
  7. You mean those charges that were all dropped when it was confirmed that those involved weren't gambling as first reported?
  8. I'm sure you know how to search for it same as I did. If you don't believe that my comment was correct, could you explain why no vehicle manufacturer, anywhere, produces vehicles with white lights showing directly to the rear?
  9. Do you have a link to the Thai road law were it mentions white lights on rear of vehicle. No, I don't need to as it's covered by those conventions that Thailand has ratified.
  10. Agreed. Apart from a few [email protected] farang, there are no punters anyway yet. Don't forget the "[email protected]" [sic] Thais who contribute much more to those industries than foreigners do.
  11. Thailand is a participating member of the 1949 Geneva Convention on Road Traffic and the 1968 United Nations Vienna Convention on Road Traffic which specify standardised vehicle lighting, it's covered by that.
  12. No, because they are shielded from showing a light directly to the rear, that light is directed forwards or sideways to the plate.
  13. You're welcome. That imagined situation is still illegal if your vehicle is showing a white light to the rear, regardless of whose amusement it is for.
  14. He said "half of them", not all of them. He's probably right and it's not stereotyping.
  15. "...for failing to watch their kid in a secure environment". People cannot be fined for "offences" that you just made up.
  16. For anyone who chooses to ignore their agent's directions (that they paid for) and do the 90-day report themselves, the answer to the curious IO is "the extension was issued there when I lived in that area, I've now changed address to this area". The whole point of the 90-day report is to advise Immigration of your current address.
  17. If that's a permanently "on" illuminated nameplate, or it lights up with the brake lights, not just as an additional reversing light, it's illegal and adjusting it's brightness so as not to annoy following drivers would be academic. Showing a white light to the rear of a vehicle (except when reversing) is not permitted under Thai law or internationally ratified vehicle lighting standards.
  18. It's always the ones with dirty hands who love to use the word "snitch".
  19. What do you mean? That site did ask for the residential address. So, yes, many people have entered that. It didn't when I registered, that's what I mean.
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