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  1. Which I suppose is why no organization anywhere has ceased to operate because of the covid19 pandemic and the global economy is just tickety boo.......seriously, I mean seriously!
  2. Americans say math, which to the British is wrong because you can't do mathematic in your head, only math's or mathematics which is plural. But it's a cultural difference, like aluminium vs aluminum and colour vs color.
  3. It all depends on whether you're in the camp that says the government does these things on purpose, because they are out to get us and they hate all foreigners. Or whether you're in the camp that thinks they are merely very uncoordinated/unsophisticated, don't communicate well and because they are a developing nation, haven't yet learned how to manage their public face properly. I tend to go with the latter but I understand that's not a popular view amongst expats. I can well imagine that some government types are less than thrilled at being labelled a currency manipulator by the US government
  4. The 15% that is tourism that you quoted needs closer inspection. International tourism in 2019 was equal to 11% of GDP, domestic tourism was equal to 7%. But that total of of 18% of GDP doesn't sit in the GDP table as single block with a label called tourism hanging over it. Tourism is spread across a range of Goods and Services that is equal to 18% of GDP, it is not 18% in a single block. Since the end of 2019, many of those goods and services have recovered to different degrees and other areas of the economy have compensated, exports of goods being one last month, agriculture being another.
  5. He didn't say vaccine, he said what if some medical services weren't available to some people!
  6. Posters seem almost obsessed with GDP growth figures and whether it will be 3.5%, 2.3% or 1.2%, it's only a measure of how much the economy has grown or not. There are so many components to GDP that obsessing with the headline figure is pointless. Of course there will be winners and losers every year, especially after a major economic event such as a pandemic. The realty is that if government spends enough money on economic recovery campaigns to help business and the poor, that money is included in the GDP growth figure so the economy could be seen to grow, purely by virtue of government spend
  7. Government continued to function, in a fashion, because there was no vaccine until November, as soon as there was a vaccine, front line staff were the first to be vaccinated. If you think that the embassy is a vital function that must be kept running, which it is, front line staff must be vaccinated as soon as possible and their risk reduced, it's as simple as that.
  8. On this occasion, residence will be proven by visiting immigration and obtaining a residence certificate, in order to get this you'll need to show your Thai drivers license, if you don't have a Thai drivers license you'll need to get a residence certificate fist in order to get one. Next, you'll need to take your residence certificate to your embassy and get it stamped and approved, your embassy may ask to see your Thai drivers license in order to verify your identity. After that you can take your embassy certified, Immigration certificate of residence to the hospital where you will be asked t
  9. They do, if you don't have money or insurance you can't have.
  10. Of course, the OP's report is contrary to the very public U-turn by government only yesterday, perhaps the news hasn't filtered through, or there again, maybe it has!
  11. You really need to ask that question? The UK Embassy is the UK government overseas, if embassy staff are not vaccinated the embassy ceases to function which means the UK is no longer re[resented in Thailand. That means UK subjects overseas don't have ANY embassy support whatsoever. It means they can't get replacement travel documents if their passports are lost and stolen; they can't get married because the embassy wouldn't be able to provide an affirmation of freedom to marry; UK subjects in jail wouldn't be able to access legal support; all UK / Thai related trade facilities would be suspend
  12. I just finished filing my self assessment and had the option to declare myself non-resident for the year. I decided instead to file as though I was UK resident, which I would have been, were it not for the virus. This resulted in me paying tax, big deal, I benefit sufficiently already from having a home there, having access to NHS, receiving my pension and having a UK passport. I don't feel the need to account for every Pound I spend in tax and then demand something in return. If I can't hand over 500 quid in tax to my government for the privilege of it all, there's something not quite right.
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