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  1. This isn't a solution but more confusion. I love it they actually acknowledge that it's impossible to get insurance 70+ ...but require it anyway. Insane.
  2. Maybe with online everything and food orders groups are gaming the system?? Keep a runner inside and ask people to pick up at gate. BTS MRT both way overpriced especially for a developing country. You want poor people to spend 120b to go to a 420b day job? Country has no shame.
  3. Posted by the Thai paper of record and apparently retracted. The page now gets a 404 error now. Appears the insurance mafia has won. We will now all be forced to carry 3m covid only policies. Forever I would presume. Non immigrant visa holder must carry 3m thb insurance.
  4. You've never had a Thai give you a take it or leave it proposition with a shrug?? Must not get out much.
  5. That's a ridiculous amount of land. To meet this requirement one domicile of 2-4 rai.
  6. The trial balloons the government has floated recently had me thinking again. First, property is too expensive. I believe by at least 50%. If money comes from abroad the property should be able to be owned outright with NO legal claim by wife. Next, without permanent residency I will never buy. Visa extension too fickle and tedious. Hundreds if not thousands locked out during covid. Next, I definitely do not like the politics of the country. It's crashing the economy. The young people are despondent and that should be food for thought about the f
  7. Weeks ago I stated exactly this. They're always going to be too many hurdles - one the embassies and the other the airports. The ticketing agents are only going to have some requirement about visiting Thailand. They won't have any detailed information that allows Phuket to circumvent the national policy. That's just way too advanced for Thailand to navigate. Further, I would expect that the national government is really sabotaging this. They are being forced into allowing this and it is obviously so begrudgingly.
  8. Sorry, just came here to laugh at the cheerleaders....
  9. Well, Uncle has 250 MP votes even before the game starts.
  10. One really has to wonder what high level diplomat and career political analysts, websites like Stratfor... Make of the political situation here both current and historical. It's really quite childish. The uniforms are a complete throwback to the 60s and 70s. The entire political mindset seems to exist in suspended animation that has been run through a way-back machine. The whole thing is just such an absolute dinosaur method of managing a nation. Corruption, patronage, etc. The nation struggles to build washing machines meanwhile Vietnam is in discussion to put into pro
  11. Even if the stated numbers in the article were delivered it's a drop in the ocean and will be used up prior to any new shipment and delivery arriving we all know tthis 5m Sinovac 1m AZ over next month more like it. The real question is why can't the government get this off the ground?? The only possible answer I can think of is that there were never vaccines ordered and they're simply just scrambling hand to mouth trying to locate vaccines most likely at the good graces of AstraZeneca. Who knows what's going on between the private hospitals and the governmen
  12. Thai Visa really needs to just stop running these stories because they're just that.., stories.
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