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  1. From my perspective it should and will be rejected. If I were your school I wouldn't even process you. I'd ask for your enrollment verification letter for a post graduate program or I wouldn't even bother with your renewal especially if you are an average teacher at an average school making average wages teaching something average like 'listening and speaking'. These teaching positions can even be filled by Scandinavians and the odd European. Think of it not as an education but as the cost to continue teaching by doing a course for license. It's great you're interested
  2. Bangkok definitely has leasehold condos. No idea why you want something like that. Crazy.
  3. I've read on TV some good things about the government and Navy hospitals in or near Sattahip. I will say the visa extension is relatively painless in BKK.
  4. I know it well. Used to go there back around 2005. Next to Ban Sare. It's ok beach nothing like where we go in PhangNha. Honestly, I don't want my wife anywhere around Pattaya. I left it in 2009 and never looked back. Wife's best friend lives in Songkla. Would be easy to build a home there also bc she's a developer. Hat Yai has it's issues. It's hot. Lots of cheap booze floating across the border. Koh Lipe is a few hours away. It's expensive and too junked up for us. Wish they'd close Koh Samet. That might take care of a lot of trash problems on eastern seaboa
  5. I would chance you at 'just dumb luck' (next to nill) without enrollment in a post graduate program. If you'd been at one school for at least four years perhaps 10%. One school six years 15%. As an aside, getting a fourth waiver I think very possible for you but not at all assured. Common wisdom dictates that 'job jumpers' aren't given 3-4 waivers. This simply isn't true. What khrusapa is looking at is erratic behavior such as leaving mid-term and having burned thru say three waivers in two years. Essentially unstable behavior. Consistently working at nationally or at l
  6. Yeah, you and Lopburi... I need to be reminded of this occasionally. Thanks
  7. She has a good job here. Money is average for Thai office workers. Benefits good. It's fun. I'm doing well here, making good money but I want to re-retire in 2-5 years. My finances are fine. Not epic but fine. *Want to get back to coastal life * Can't own a home. All decent property very overvalued. * Medical system is a scam. No insurance. My plan is to use government SSO and self insure. I don't want her working for a variety of reasons. Better to just stay here if I can't afford the return. While I've been thru more or le
  8. Pretty much agree with everything you've stated. That's why we're still here and I'm only contemplating. I do have SSO Thai government insurance I've been told I can keep from one school. Currently have big brand insurance but that will only last as long as I remain at my job. I don't think whatever the Thai government gives my wife will be worth much. Perhaps it's simply what I need to accept having decided to live here over the decades, get married, etc Yes, the HOA and taxes an issue. Added to a Thai rental and it favors Thailand. Just a thought, perhaps
  9. I'm on O marriage extension. Completely forgot about retirees. You are 10000% correct.
  10. To teach Chinese kids online for b400 an hour? Serious???
  11. You can definitely work on an O visa. You might have some special extension fixed up for you. If they'd stamped non O maybe it's simply because the embassy consulate just stamp happy and they stamp all visas - no work. Maybe it's OA?? No idea on those.
  12. Due primarily to lack of insurance, dicey medical care and ridiculous property prices, inability to own land. Im thinking again about returning to US with my Thai wife in 2025-6. The US property market is once again in a bubble but I can still get a waterfront condo in FL for the price of a shoebox 20min drive from a crowded, polluted Phuket beach. What long term pension and medical benefits would she be entitled to after five years and without working? I'm not interested in any Medicaid or welfare programs and doubt she/we could qualify especially first five years
  13. I'm happy for you and happier still they didn't ruin your watch. As for me, I'll use a AD service. There's also a proper record of repair if you were to ever sell your watch.
  14. I interviewed with Chula CULI. Dropped my resume off and some months later had a call out of the blue. Perhaps almost six months. Definitely more serious mindset which was perfect for me. I made it through the first interview and the grammar test. All downhill. The process halted because I had to return to see my parents. Non refundable tickets booked and paid. Chula has a policy new teachers cannot take leave until after four months. I was to restart the process on my return but I'm fine where I'm at. The job looked pretty decent, the money quite good but I
  15. I would never take my watch here for service. They list a bunch of services as primary which can be done by any blind man in a mall shop. Automatic service is buried amongst a number of ephemeral services. Maybe ok for a vintage watch. MAYBE. Lots of cosmetic stuff. Change a battery lol.
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