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  1. Looks like alot of drinking and driving Goin on, Seen some odd behavior by drivers last fee days... On guy parked sideways on the main road for example and just sat there for a good minute making the traffic divert around him. Songtaw nearly went straight into him.
  2. Yah , I think we all took that tourist free time in 2020-2021 thailand for granted.
  3. Yah , Definitely when a thai is worried about being on the road means there is some cause for concern.
  4. I will be in my bungalow avoiding anything with 4 wheels and an engine for the next week me thinks.
  5. Careful on the roads, Its nuts here right now in Samui Just saw two girls pull out into oncoming traffic with there indicator on " unknowingly " and nearly get taken out bye a tail gaiting songtow bus. Then minutes late another driver nearly went head first into a taxi going into oncoming traffic. Seems all the people forgot simple road rules and due consideration overnight. Stay safe.
  6. I had to walk 2 KM to get a beer this morning, Thats horrible, I though I came to Thailand for freedom . No I just walked 2 KM in the horrible hot sun for a beer coz 7/11 don't sell before 11AM I need beer to be happy BTW so I just wanted to let u know. I need it.
  7. I'm tired of this stinking hot weather, it's driving nuts I'm quite a irritable person from that, I feel miserable here in Thailand. I'm also drinking way too much and getting these horrible dehydration hangovers and can't get my appetite up, I barely eat at all and can't sleep too.
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