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  1. Depends a bit on the country. In my country we first install door and window frames, and screw these hooks in it: https://goo.gl/images/9xDHF1 And then the hooks are placed in the cement or glue. Most other countries they leave spaces in the walls and mount the frames later. (ofcourse not so good.....) When you do it the other way around, there are special plugs and screws, to prevent you pull your door frame out of shape: https://goo.gl/images/ydzJJa Arjen.
  2. The Netherlands is the first country who "allowed" the use of soft drugs. And they have the lowest usage in the world, the highest age for first time users, compared to countries who do not allow this.... And it is not "Allowed"in the way everyone can buy unlimited amounts. In fact it is very strict regulated. While other drugs, like alcohol, causes much more problems (Even in Dutch society) but are hardly restricted (as in most other countries).
  3. When tested positive it is dead already.
  4. Yesterday night, while sleeping I could hear sometimes a sound what sounded like a quite big electrical shortcut. Close to my bed is the (very old) knife breaker. While half sleeping I tried to look at this thing, but could not see much. During the day, I could hear several times this sound. Finally I decided it was outside. But when I stayed outside it ofcourse never happened. As soon as I went inside it happened twice in a minute. As outside is before our knife breaker, and after our meter, I was scared to check. So yesterday my wife called PEA. they where busy with solving an other problem, but promised to come today (so yesterday, sunday) And they warned us. Because it seems to be after tthe meter we must pay.. During the day I could here several times this sound, and even my Phase protector switched off several times. They came when it was dark.... They stayed outside. They asked me to disconnect power at the house. I think they wanted to check if current was still running at the meter. I did. But then in seconds my own power supply kicks in. They did not trust that so much, so they asked me to stop that too. Then they came inside. The checked the knife breaker, found a dead, roasted Ghekko, and where quite sure this was the cause. While they where standing outside, luckily it happened again. And they could exactly see where it was coming from. It came from wires what was around 50 years back used as a kind of street lightning. They have never been disconnected properly (my fault). So the problem was after our meter, after our incoming knife breaker, and after the by me installed other breakers and AVR. They isolated the cable, and left. My wife wanted to pay them 200 Baht each, but they refused the money. They advised to renew the cable from meter to the house. It is a 60 meters run, aluminium cable from (I guess) 50mm2. After this cable there is the knife breaker, rated at 60A. This cable is probably also 50 years old. After the knife breaker is a 10mm copper cable. Then a 63A CB with surge protector, than an AVR, then a CB from 25A (our load reaches usual in very rear occasions 20A) Then the MDB, all circuits with separate earth leakage protection. My wife asked them if we can hire them to do this, but that they refused this also. Overal a good response from the PEA! Arjen.
  5. Clear.... sad. Thanks DD! Arjen.
  6. I am interested to know how they know the dog has Rabies? It has always been that the only way to be sure it has Rabies is doing an autopsie? Are there nowadays other ways to find out? Please be carefull with your beloved ones! Arjen
  7. When they are occupied, and the person who occupies it is watching constantly, yes. But I suppose it looks more like an average guard at a gold shop....