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  1. X kg/Cm2 is just Bars. When the flow is small, or you just need this pressure a short time, you can take a big size PVC tube, quality 13.5. Place the tube vertical. Fill with water, and connect airpressure, with a pressure regulater to the pressure you need. The bigger you choose the tube, the longer you can have the water on this required pressure. Alternatively you can buy a cheap pressure pump as often sold at farm shops (mostly without a motor). Arjen.
  2. Wrong!!!! Earth leakage devices, RCBO's, how ever they are called do not need a earth wire connection to work! They disconnect power when the current difference between N and L is higer then 20, 25 or 30mA, depending on rating. When the decive has no earth connection, you are the earth. It can be a nasty experience, but you will not die from it.... You give dangerous and wrong advice!!! I hope people with more knowledge on this subject will confirm this. Arjen.
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