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  1. Every homepro and ThaiWatsadu also sale the kWh meter you also have at your electricity pole. Calculating by usage the type ID is possible. But only for things what are really full "ON" the time you check them. (I think only lights) Every cooking plate, coffee set machine, refrigerator, AC, are mostly not on 24/24, even when they are on. Also voltage difference in supply voltage makes the usage from kWh different. Measuring is the way to go. And there are many ways to do. I bought a few kWh meters from Lazada. Equipped them with wall outlets and a cable to plug in in a wall outlet, and it is very easy to measure. With all kind of different equipment, with all different settings. And recently I stayed in an apartment in BKK. Everytime when I entered and left the appartment I toke a picture from my meter. I put the figures in a Excel sheet. It calculated the time between the pictures. My usage /hour/ and /minute. I only needed to record what I changed (in this case it was only setting from AC, as I did not ave any other users.) After a while you get interesting figures.... One of the most interesting ones, it is much cheaper to leave your AC on when you leave just a short time. Decrease the temperature cause a rise in usage for about two to three hours, after that period of time there is not so much difference, but a difference. Arjen
  2. Very good. We all know now how bad these chemicals are for us. Continuing using them is same as continuing to allow to transport people in the back of a pick-up. Arjen
  3. Usual it is possible to do this. When turns out nothing is wrong with the product the requester (customer) must pay the costs. When something found wrong the supplier must pay, and has a lot of more problems to solve. (call back from products, change production, fines etc.) Arjen.
  4. We are manufacturer from a product, and I asked my to call. It is project from the government. Every test costs around 2.000 Baht (depending on product) the company, Central Thai Laboratory, got these costs from the government back. The budget was already finished one month back. Maybe next year they will do again. So this "news" came around one month to late. Arjen
  5. Sirineou is complete correct. It is essential. And although it should be rainy season, we have by far not enough rain. Easiest is to replace the switch by a new one. A bit depending on your configuration you can place in a tube direct from the pump, but on an easy reachable place a flow switch. The flow switch can switch off the pump when it runs dry. But you need to bypass the flowswitch to be able to start the pump so you will need some contacters and probably a timer. (something 30 seconds no flow means cut of power to your pump. I suppose your well pump is feeding a tank? Or is it feeding a kind of irrigation system? It depends most if the pump needs to switch on automatic or not. With the float swich automatic power on is easier to achieve. With a flow switch this also possible, but more difficult. Arjen.
  6. Thai and nucleair power... It sounds as a bad combination to me....
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