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  1. I'll answer your question with a question: What do you like? OR rather what was your motivation for coming to Thailand? Overall the country that is most closest to matching Thailand is Laos. If you like Thai food, culture, language and friendliness, then it's Laos. But if you like beaches or living in big cities, then obviously Laos is not for you. Every country has it's p good points and bad points. When you know what you like, then a decision is easier
  2. Having experienced both the cost of healthcare in Thailand, and, the cost of healthcare in USA. I can say this, I'll take thailand anyday. Of course I have no socialized "free healthcare" to fall back on, unlike most of the retired westerners who complain about Thai medical costs. The other points, probaby can understand. But you can live with them.
  3. Probably not go with you to immigration to get your yearly extension. Kind of need a co-operative wife for that! But seriously, you've been here 30 years and you can't even make a doctor appointment for yourself? You need to start being able to do things for yourself. If you're married then half of the assets belong to you, regardless of whether they are in her name or not. And to hear you have a home, farm, 3 investment house and car, then you're complaining you don't have income to show for your extension of stay is comical. SELL some of your assets.
  4. Where do you live? It's common knowledge in Thailand. Most hospitals have posters up about the different mosquito borne illneses in thailand. Not necessary if you live in BKK, but countryside I'd get it.
  5. See. Even a good-for-nothing dirty stinkin street dog is higher than a farang.
  6. The idea that you pay money for women to have babies is among the craziest ideas that anyone could put out there. Seriously, we're talking crackhead politics. The net effect would be more child beggars. More single mothers. More teenage pregnancies. More women ending up in prostitution. Even the emergence of baby factories to rort the system. Seriously bad crack head idea.
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