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  1. Why do they need ask other Country's to " Donate " Asta Zaneca ? have the top Scientific team not Manufactured there own they said was terrific news on Roll out of it by Bio-Science ?
  2. just the usual Propaganda pumped out " expected " ie not true. The knives that are not that sharp will eventually start believing it because there not taught to have a different opinion or Question there Peers, because most are not educated enough in Thailand. So if the Goverment keeps hammering at the door a nail will take hold. And if anyone questions them on social media or basic questions they don't like to answer you will be Threatened with giving false information to the Thai Authorities. Threaten and Scare them is the way in there eyes. The PM and his close aids know Expats and Falangs
  3. Yes very soon with the Headline Samut Sakhon Governor to be replaced with immediate affect.
  4. Or anyone spreading untruths and showing Thailand in a bad light will be Arrested.
  5. Stop panicking a TAT spokesman has just informed us up to 200k will arrive in Oct.
  6. The flu virus mutates a few times a year this is known by our UK bio- Chemists and other top Scientists and they alter the Vaccine to combat the new Flu mutation it is a simple procedure mostly likely unknown to Joe public when he go's for his yearly flu jab. Once the most effective Covid vaccine is identified as the best to combat they will simply adjust the vaccine to combat any new strain. Unfortunately Thailand's top Scientists so far have not been able to formulate a covid vaccine so they have to rel'y on importing it into large amounts they will need, its no good waiting for Month's for
  7. Oh well I suppose the Fortune teller they Employed must have been told to pull his socks up from a TAT spokesman and Hey presto out pops this figure.
  8. QUICK man the life boats the ships sinking woman and children 1st, 1st officer sorry all the lifeboats are full of officers and crew, grab anything you can sorry your on your own. If you survive don't blame us you shouldn't have been onboard in the 1st place.
  9. Won't belong before a School in Patong is taken over and used as a holding Facility complete with shackles on the bed and a Ammo box as a Toilet.
  10. At the end of the day I loved going to Thailand and hopefully I will return once this is all over. Here come's the big If. In my opinion the thai population must regain Democracy and put into place someone who understands and welcome's tourism. Invite Tourism agencies from European Destinations like Spain , Greece , Portugal to share ideas and advise how Thailand can improve there image and welcome back Tourists. All tourism establishments from Bar's Nightclubs , Hotels , even down to Sun Lounge owners and Beach Vendors who attack tourists or attempt to rip them off will not be Tolerated and o
  11. In one Farra. I have a friend up in Udon Thani he posted on an Issan forum his wife went to her village and spoke to the Headmans wife about there vaccination for the Village she said oh me and my Husband have had both Astra shots and her immediate family. My friends wife asked about the other villagers the response was no vaccine yet for them.
  12. Why send it to Thailand there suppose to be Manufacturing Astra and they have the funds to buy vaccines. People who live in Mud huts in Rural Africa have no chance.
  13. Our PM in the UK has promised a billion Vaccine's to help third World Country's and rightly so to stop this Pandemic. We will not be sending the cheap Chinese Vaccine that the Thai Government will use on there Population. The reason is simple. The Thai government ie the Thai PM has only purchased Astra or Moderna to vaccinate his party members and family, and his hangers on coughing up cash for there Tea Money payments. ( keep them in there pockets as there usefull ) The rest can wait and keep dangling the carrot. Once they finally get there act together you can bet they will be given the chea
  14. The Blame game has started already according to The Thaiger with public and private Hospitals are postponing appointments due to not recieving enough Vaccines. The blame was finger pointed by the Health minister Anutin blaming the MBA and in retort the BMA blaming Anutin meanwhile the Health Minister has Admitted recieved fewer doses then expected.. The shortfall is affecting the old People with underlying health problems. One BKK Hospital took to social media to point the blame solely lie's saying " If you have any Questions about this ( Postponement ) contact there call Centre or Contact the
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