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  1. Thanks @Punz also in regards to using google translate, not sure the need to sound patronising Charlie H but @ColeBOzbournehit the nail on the head, google translate definitely isn’t effective when it comes to larger messages.
  2. So I saw an old message on my GFs phone which she received from a friend: her friend sent her the following message: ตอนนั้นพี่ฝ้ายให้เล่นทินเดอร์ เลยโหลดมาเล่น ละมาเจอแก ประโยคแรกที่ทักไปคืด กินเบียร์กัน เพราะตอนนั้นเค้าเมา does anyone have an exact translation? From what I gather her friend is talking about going on tinder and meeting, or is she asking my gf about meeting on tinder? Sorry for asking on here but this is a last resort as it is playing on my mind a little
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