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  1. I love the idea with the car. Should I build a car park beside the bathroom or the tanks? We have a solar pump to fill the tanks.
  2. It is the garden. That means far away from public power line. We have a solar cell pump that pumps the water from the well up into the tanks (500 l for taps and 2500 l for flowers). No battery. Situation may change in 1 oder 2 years.
  3. Of course we have the thai shower available too
  4. I just had it installed. Low pressure from the beginning.
  5. Thank you for all the suggestions. I have already read the thread talking about a pump for higher pressure. Sorry, I forgot to mention we do not have electricity there. The water is pumped up in the tank by a solar pump in the well. following Yellowtail there would be only drops. Well, it is not the great rainfall shower experience nor the massage shower ... but it is enough to feel clean. The strainer (Thank you for a new word in my dictionary) is new and checked. Really thin pipes were used with 3 more 90 degrees bends for the kitchen t
  6. Hello, just finished our garden house. We have a tank app. 2 m above the taps in the bathroom (on one side of the house) and the outdoor kitchen (on the other side). Water pressure in bathroom is okay, kitchen sink not at all. Taps at the same height. But the pipe to the kitchen is approx. 8 m longer. Could that be the reason why the pressure is so low? Or do I have to cut and renew (or at least check) the pipe to the kitchen tap? Thanks for any advice Stefan PS: I am not a native speaker. My naming might not be correct. If so, please tell m
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