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  1. Thanks a lot! I did as you said and they came with me to the dealer today. They've checked as much as they could, took the car for a quick drive and gave a green light. I'm going to go ahead with it!
  2. Thanks a lot. The only issue is that the dealer only allows to bring someone in. It's a third car I am seeing and it's always the same thing. Can bring mechanics. Cannot take a car to a garage. I took it for a test drive today and it was fine but I am not a mechanic...
  3. Hey, I am setting my eyes on a used modified Audi TT in Bangkok. I'd like to bring a mechanic with me to check the car as much as possible prior to purchase. Anyone here confident to help? Or any recommendations who to talk to about it? Cheers, Marc
  4. Thanks. I'd love the 230hp version but haven't seen it anywhere for sale in TH.
  5. No that little... just not for daily commuting as I don't need to commute. Rental is pain in the ass for me. I like the freedom for just going to the garage and riding somewhere when I feel like it.
  6. Hey Guys, I am considering buying a second-hand Mazda RX-8. The goal is to have a used, relatively cheap sports toy for the next 2-3 years. So yes, I am aware what engine it has and that it can cause problems, especially when it's over 100,000km and so on. I've read a few horror stories that it's not a reliable car that I'll have to import spare parts and so on... I don't really need a car to drive everyday to work or anything like this so with a few trips a year I might clock max 10k kilometers. I took one for a test drive today and it felt good. It drives perfectly, sounds great.
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