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  1. The good old Thai Economics 101 rule #1: If no sell, charge more from farangs. If no sell still, pray Buddha and donate to monks.
  2. This approach is the worst. Keeping the epidemic alive for years to come while nowhere near enough of vaccines. That is why Brazil and India basically let it rip because no realistic ways to lockdown and vaccinate hundreds of millions of people without one big total economic and political collapse.
  3. Well, I am sure Steiner's wunderwaccines next month will solve this problem. No worries! Keep the faith!
  4. "Yesterday, 6,611 people received their first dose and 5,099 received their second dose." It will only take about 13 years give a take with at least 50 million people to be vaccinated and 10000 per day. So relax, this is going to be a long long holiday!
  5. You can't control the virus this way without crushing the economy. Tougher restrictions, the numbers go down but it still lingers with hundreds of cases per day at least and you cannot prevent them without the herd immunity. Then the numbers go up after a while of more relaxed restrictions. With this approach it would take years and years while other economies are already opening up. Brazil and India are doing the wild fire approach because they know the economy with lockdowns would collapse the society. Hundreds of millions of people live by selling food or other stuff every day
  6. Gab does the same for accounts breaking an actual law. Facebook/Twitter remove and block politically incorrect opinions and users they do not like in their woke bubble. Maybe you should read something else than pathetic Vox bs....
  7. How many school shooters have posted something either on Facebook or Twitter? Almost all of them. Guess if you want to hang out there its says a lot about you too? This works both ways, pal.
  8. There is a Twitter alternative, it is called Gab. Working very well. No woke mods there blocking opinions they do not like.
  9. In the US there were about 350 000 COVID deaths last year, overwhelming majority were old people. The mortality rose by 17 percent total and 2/3 of that was COVID. Thailand would have about 300 deaths per day with US situation last year, on top of normal about 2500 daily Thai deaths. These lockdown measures are not justified. Protect the elderly but otherwise this is totally crazy.
  10. Last year April there was a rush to pawn shops to sell stuff and that was only one month in of these lockdowns. Thais do not have much savings. The situation is now much much worse. It is easy to all these geezers here to just say deal with it because their monthly pensions (for now) are not in danger.
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