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  1. I had a friend who was not vaccinated against meningitis. Back in 1998 when we were 1'st year high school. She got it. Out of the game for over a year. Almost deid. Many scars. Many health problems. Basicaly became a Leper. It was her parents choice. Not yet adult. But. We all have a choice. It's you're life. Do what you wish wiith it. I won't judge anyone when stuff goes wrong. Sad thing was. She was the prettiest girl.
  2. Great price indeed. Heck! I may buy one myself as a media pc Thanks to the OP for the link!
  3. My dear old father once told me. " Don't gamble or lend money you can't afford to lose" Then again. It's you're life. Do what you wish.
  4. After 18 years. Assimilation is kinda impossible. Just have to try the best you can to fit in. Assimilation works both ways. You can not assimilate without assimilating. To learn & be taught in kind. Is a very hard concept for any culture. Hence why the Borg failed. I am Borg
  5. All good for what you need it for.
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