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  1. Thanks all, will just do the 60 day TR and go from there. Appreciate all the good info you post here UbonJoe!
  2. Good to know, thanks. Just to clarify, a normal 30 day extension for 1900 baht is now 60 days or is it something you need to specifically ask for/wait until the first 30 day extension is complete? From what I read it seems like immigration has been letting people extend due to covid but not sure how much longer this is going to go on. Would think they would want people there spending money but....tit.
  3. Ubonjoe, appreciate the reply! I am going off this info at the LA Thai consulate where I would be applying: https://thaiconsulatela.org/en/visa-and-certificate-of-entry-procedures-for-non-thai-nationals-wishing-to-enter-thailand-for-conducting-business-meeting-or-investing-saving-in-thailand-with-no-less-than-100000-or-3-million-baht/?fbclid=IwAR2_YTj8I8_XMAxOFPY9gt2HAFjQtjjp5bV09StLlUismW5mAXtGJcFCieA Reading that it says the 90 day can be extended. I was going to apply for the STV but it appears it has its own issues. I am unsure if I just enter on a 60 day TR that I w
  4. Does anyone have any recent experience receiving a Non-Imm B visa for travel from the States? Going off the checklist from the LA Thai consulate I think I meet all the requirements. The last 6 months of bank statements are no problem with required funds and I have my Condo Chanote, but how do you prove its value is at least 3 million THB? I could in theory get a letter of invitation from a business but would like to submit this sooner rather than later. Thanks for any info!
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