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  1. It's a little inconvenient, but not actually that hard from to get here from North America right now if someone wants in. My girlfriend and I are both 30 and we navigated the visa and ASQ process without too much difficulty. I'd expect that being a digital nomad would be of help here rather than a hinderance. The cost was about $5,000 CAD for everything, so shouldn't actually be that much of a barrier for a HNWI. And the freedom to live a relatively normal life (at that time) compared to the restrictions at home was absolutely worth the price paid. Back-and-forthing every quarter i
  2. Thanks. This is great! In fact this entire thread is gold. Really appreciate the insights here. Beers on me post lockdown
  3. So just to make sure that I am understanding this correctly - let's say that I incorporate a business in the USA and create an online store. If I buy advertisements in the USA and Thailand, and sell to both American and Thai customers, I would pay taxes on all of the sales (even those made to Thai residents) to the US gov and none to the Thai gov?
  4. I'm employed in Canada and file my taxes there. Cleared the idea of spending some time in Thailand with management before flying over here. I also think it's unlikely that we see global cooperating this issue of personal tax anytime soon. My comment was more in response to a previous comment about how Thailand may be missing out on the opportunity to earn revenue from digital nomads and remote workers. I, and I believe others as well, would chafe at being taxed once at home and then again in another country. I believe that Thailand attempting to enforce that hypothe
  5. I'm already getting heavily taxed in my country of employment (and I bet the tax burden will go even higher soon) so it would definitely be a big negative if I were working remotely in Thailand or another country and they decided to tax me too. I think many others would feel similarly and it might end up being partially a game of regulatory arbitrage for prospective remote workers looking at choosing a location. If Thailand and <home country> worked something out so that the net result in taxes paid was the same, then sure. But otherwise the benefit to the Thai economy f
  6. No clue what you're trying to say, but I'd like one of whatever you took before writing that.
  7. Not sure if my situation qualifies me as a digital nomad not, but here's some of what attracted me to Bangkok. I'm 30 and work as an investment analyst. Normally based in Vancouver, Canada. Because of Covid my firm moved to remote work in April of last year. Have been in Bangkok since December, after getting the ok from management. I flew to escape tough Covid restrictions at home, and so far it's been one of the better decisions I've made recently. The absence of Covid and corresponding higher quality of life were what attracted me at the time. In general though, I thi
  8. The right question isn't "here or there?" It's "how do I do both here and there?" Preferably while young enough to really enjoy the benefits of multi-city living.
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