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  1. I can't remember her name? really needs to be taken twice a day.
  2. The sensors on all of mine tend to disintegrate from the uv off the sun, the plastic literally shreds to dust or the sensor sensitivity fails totally. Global house currently have some good 20w Philips ones for sale at just 200 baht with sensor which is very cheap as they were originally 500 baht, I bought a load for spares.
  3. 20 years to life, although currently the life sentence may be curtailed by the prison outbreak.
  4. https://thesmartlocal.com/thailand/miss-universe-thailand-amanda-obdam/
  5. Well she gets my vote just for this . https://www.thaienquirer.com/24841/beauty-queen-amanda-obdam-sacked-as-mental-health-ambassador-after-political-tweets/
  6. 28000 fines were levied but what ACTUAL amounts in fines were actually paid because they were only going to payout IF the fines got paid, still bikes on the pavements.
  7. Anything full of fat or sugar or both, until they ban it all or I die.
  8. Just like that fantastic idea they had for motorbikes on the pavements, how many actually received even 1 baht from that, and , well the pavements still have motorbikes using them.
  9. It Hasn't it's just as bad, where winter is from October to end of May and it's permanently grey, summer is a few days of heat if your'e lucky when everyone goes out and it's packed, where a speed camera is on every road, where thug culture now seems to be the norm and the way to settle everything is to end up fighting and when you can't win just stab the other person, where selfishness is now the norm. Is Thailand better? only in some very small ways, people in many places now worldwide are obbsessed with themselves, selfish and vile. You'd think the whole world would pull
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