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  1. How many years do you need to work at a Thai company to get SS, presumably for life?
  2. Even though it's part a lament,, thank you for an inspirational post. (From a 53 year old) This isn't a flippant question. How old is your lovely Thai wife?
  3. I'm a mid fifties male. Planning on moving to Thailand. 15 years teaching experience but not for a few years. 50k baht a month income from the UK and naturally frugal. I miss teaching english. I was quite good at it before. So, if I brought my degree and tell cert with me would the experienced hands on this forum think I could..... Get a job anywhere including some provincial Thai town. Have an enjoyable teaching experience with kids at least somewhat paying attention and respectful. Don't mind a low salary but do mind being bored with absurd o
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