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  1. I did a Citibank International transfer last money to K-Bank. I sent THB and it shows as a domestic transfer, so this is a problem with all banks if people send baht and not just a TW problem. The THB transfer would have gone through a correspondent bank and then on to my bank as a domestic transfer. Why did I convert to THB at my home bank (Australia)? Well, I thought I got a good rate until I saw my bank statement later with a $44 AUD correspondent bank charge that I didn't expect. Note to self: never send baht.
  2. No, it was about a member who went into the Jomtien office and asked the guys upstairs. What I'm specifically after is information about the Jomtien office. Elviajero has suggested above that Jomtien has joined the party (allow monthly deposits), but I would like some confirmation from other reports.
  3. I'm aware of the police order, but after that was reported, one member went to Jomtien to enquire about it and they told him the monthly deposit option would not be allowed (note: at Jomtien). This was a report from late last month. I can't put my finger on it as it has been lost under a mountain of threads on this topic.
  4. Do you have a link to the report that mentioned this? The last report I read indicated they were not going to allow monthly deposits as proof of income. That was late last month. Most of these income threads become so long it's easy to miss new reports.
  5. Why would there be a problem with an expat sending 20k back each month? He has the required income and doesn't need it all in Thailand. He's just sending 65k to comply with regulations and sending some of it back to pay bills at home is very reasonable. Like most expats, he probably has bills to pay back home.
  6. Bla Bla Bla so expats should walk the strait a narrow in a country riddled with fraud and whos constantly changing visa rules are a murky as a London fog...lol I say any thing a all that works should be taken into serious consideration... Not to mention that the OP did mention in his video that he has over 65k income per month but doesn't need that much per month brought in. Elviajero doesn't understand the difference between having an income of 65k per month and needing 65k per month. Is he training for the proxy Thai immigration police brigade?
  7. It doesn't mean you haven't got the necessary income level. Many people, including the OP here, have sufficient income (over 65k) but don't bring in (haven't in the past) that much per month as they don't need that much to live on. The main problem remains that not all immigration offices will accept the monthly deposit method. Unless something has changed, Jomtien told one person who enquired last month that they would not accept monthly deposits for retirement extensions.
  8. LOL. What a difference 5 years has made. I got a long forum suspension for criticizing the PM and coup (not long after it took place and kind words in comparison to your assessment), and these days it's regular forum chit chat.
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