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  1. Well, these people were very fortunate to have had some leniency applied, but unfortunately stories of the IO's requiring expats to jump through hoops, making their application process nothing short of nightmares, are more common. Either way, the IO's will use their discretionary powers any way they see fit. Whether you agree with their decisions or not, based on your ideas of when they should use their special powers, is irrelevant. I believe they are making the process of extensions based on retirement and marriage more annoyingly complicated to entice more people to apply through agents. Last time I got an extension they told me point blank that next year I need 800k in the bank. They didn't even suggest a monthly income method was a possibility. Business is very slow right now, so they are becoming even more helpful than usual. They actually canvass for "customers". I won't mention the IO, but she suggested that one person who used an agent to obtain his extension come directly to her next time, and it would save him money.
  2. Seriously, that's just a load of b s. People who cannot fly home cannot fly home. They cannot leave. Are they planing to lock them up?
  3. Where did you get your information on the guidelines on how they should use "special consideration"? Could you give an example of a "certain case" where they provide leniency?
  4. It's not circumventing the law at all. It's is done by "special consideration", which is at the discretion of the head of the immigration office you visit and signed off by him/her. They have that right. It is not necessary to use an agent. It also waives the need for the 400k minimum balance to show at 90 day reports. By doing it this way, you actually become a VIP of sorts. You actually see immigration officers being super friendly and smiling, a rare thing on the main floor LOL.
  5. Freeze them for backup stock, and eat the rest. You can also make a smoothy with them. What about helping out your fellow humans on this thread that are looking for them? You could give them away, but do not destroy them - that's a crime.
  6. I posted about kefir in the Pattaya forum. To my surprise there was no interest from anyone in that forum however I did get some interest from people in other areas of Thailand and posted some off. I have a surplus as it grows fairly quickly in this warm climate. For anyone interested in starting their own kefir production, I have grains to give away.
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