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  1. All news on media when someone die after vaccination use the same sentence same as they are copying it; so it is still considered safe.
  2. 11:45: she got vaccine Had a fever at home 22:00: convulsions, CPR at scene from neighbor 23:00 CPR failed and die. Biopsy result: severe bilateral pulmonary edema. Hemorrhage in the pericardial sac about 180 ml, tear at right atrium caused by acute myocardial infarction.
  3. I tried today, it failed. Too many nurses and many steps.
  4. Thank you. It would suit my case if I was a Christian in US or Europe.
  5. There are 2 choices; one to get vaccine and another one is having swab test every week. I have only 2 options in this company, I prefer inaccurate test which Kary mullis who could tell what it is, unfortunately he die 2 months before pandemic started.
  6. It seems like a traditional working environment that everyone needs to get vaccine, not even wait for the result. I want to be in a control group, not in an experimental group at this moment, I'm waiting for the result and conclusion maybe take years.
  7. Unfortunately I am forced from a company to get it. I don't want it yet. What should I do? Anywhere in this world not forcing human being?
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