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  1. thanks all, much appreciated.(youre a helpful bunch). uffa, i wish there was an easier way....how do all those foreign "ladies of the evening" manage to stay in thailand with no problems? ive seen africans darker than charcoal turning tricks down the streets...is it that easy for officials to dish out visas as long as the right pole is greases by somebody who "knows somebody"? is there any "no show" type jobs you can apply for, pay for your own permit,work visa,taxes etc just to stay? english speaking consultant or some other "in name only" bs title or something? get
  2. dear god, they really wanna make this as difficult as possible...same as always... i still have my bank account from when i was in thailand but im not sure if its still active cause havent touched it in 2 years. what should i do??? how can i make this happen?
  3. lol yeah, im planning to stay on a tourist visa gotten straight from the airport on arrival
  4. oh, i didnt mean 2 months after i arrive in thailand. i meant, i will be in thailand 2 months from now, and start the process when i arrive .but yeah, i'll definitely have to be quick about it
  5. im not married yet. im not in thailand at the moment. i will get married when i get there in a few months
  6. i was on a student visa, had to go to <deleted>' cheang wattana every 3 months for extensions ...it was a nightmare
  7. alright, understood...thank you! im actually not concerned bout the money.i'll keep all my cash in the bank at all times anyway. is there anything that could go wrong? some complications for whatever reason? (not doing a marriage of convenience or anything like that, so the legitimacy of it isnt a concern) i just mean...can there be any hold ups? i lived in thailand for 3 years and i know first hand how notoriously difficult the thai immigration can be. can they refuse the extension? and if so, what could be some of the reasons?
  8. thank you, all ok, one last time (sorry for being dense). after marriage, having the 400k in the bank qualifies you for the 90 day visa...then THAT 90 day visa can be extended for 12 months.after the 12 months are up, you show your bank account, if the moneys there(and youre still legitimately married of course),you get another 90 day which can be extended for 12 months and so on and so forth? im 33 years old tho'...does that affect the ability to get the non O visa? i read somewhere that those are only given to people 50 and up?
  9. so you have to leave the country, come back in, get the 90 days entry visa first and then apply for another extension?
  10. hey fellas, hows it goin'? i got a quick question regarding the marriage visa. ive checked from multiple sources and the language used is a bit vague. so im just trying to cover all bases to make sure there'll be no surprises. let me check if i understand correctly...(and please correct me if and where im wrong): if you get married to a thai national woman, you get a 1 year marriage visa which can be extended at the end of that year indefinitely?(meaning as long as you remain married). with the caveat that you must have at least $12000 in your thai bank account at al
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