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  1. It sounds like they lost their whole archive database of programs and are asking members to upload any old programs they have to try and build up their database again. Guess they forgot to back up Not sure how this is going to work for them. The site is not the nice friendly place it used to be and their main charm was the huge amount of classic old UK television, going right back to black and white days, programs they had, Sad
  2. Yep! got reply to my e-mail and can now log in. Talk about a changed appearance, a bit overwhelming to put it mildly. Guess I'll get used to eventually
  3. I use a little free tool called "Search Everything" https://www.voidtools.com/ It's quicker and finds more stuff than the Windows search function. Just as an extra, a couple of times I've found it useful for finding and deleting some hard to remove leftovers from a couple of nasty progs.
  4. Have had several rechargeable flashlights, all have failed after time. Now with flashlights having LED I find regular batteries last much much longer. One slight problem with LED's is they don't fade like with regular batteries but just cut out when the battery is low, so good to have some spares handy.
  5. I think the cars already stopped at the barrier might have given even a Thai driver a clue...........
  6. Have sent a request to this e-mail address Lets see what happens
  7. Can't log in, keep getting "Validation Error" Asking for E-Mail but long time ago since I signed up, so probably one that is now dead. Seems to be nowhere on the page to contact them Hope its just a temporary glitch with too many people trying to log on
  8. Thanks for the update Seems to be taking a long time Hope they get back up soon. Getting fed up with scouring the all the various sites for programs that were readily available on TVChaos.
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