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  1. Well that's disappointing From what I can remember back in Farangland where I can vaguely remember having tried one once and that was not to be repeated, I didn't think they could have gotten any worse. But situations change and anything to get the just a hint of a Farang flavor after years of Thai stuff would be wonderful. Have ordered a couple and will report results in due course.
  2. Just found out that Lazada carry a range of Fray Bentos pies:- Got to get me some of that May not be the height of Western cuisine but got to be better than local dead buffalo steak.
  3. The wife's shopping Yamaha Fino is quite old but still going strong. I have never been a "bike bloke" so have hardly anything to do with the bike, just let the wife get on with it. Anyway something has intrigued me for some time and that is how checking the engine oil works. On the Fino there is a screw plug with a little dippy stick thing attached to it to measure the oil level. What I don't understand is that the oil at the bottom of the dippy stick thing is always clean, no matter how long since the last oil check. In a normal car or truc
  4. The small branch of SCB at my local Tesco closed down Still they were kind enough to leave one ATM which was nice so I don't have to go miles to the main branch to withdraw money Except once a year for my Immigration letter Anyway the space left by the now gone SCB has been taken over by a showroom of electric bikes. At first glance it looked like all they had was various forms of electric bikes and mobility scooters things. Today at the back I noticed they had a couple of what looked like proper bikes which at first I thought were your regular petrol bikes but look
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