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  1. Looks like you have air in the supply tubes:- Place an empty syringe in the top of the tank, making an airtight seal and suck the ink back from the cartridges till the tube is free from air bubbles. Plenty of info on YouTube.
  2. I and many others on here have their pensions paid directly into Thai accounts. The only problem may be "money laundering" if you were to transfer large amounts regularly Tell them when you go to get your Thai bank details that you will be expecting regular pension payments just to put your mind at ease. Also check with your Swiss office that they will actually transfer monies to Thailand. Just a few years ago Thailand was one of the countries that the UK Pension Office would not send monies too. Luckily that policy changed and now I and many others receive our pension directly in to Thai accounts.
  3. Go to your Thai Bank and get their details, name and address of bank and the banks SWIFT code. Contact your Swiss pension office and ask them to stop payments into the Swiss account. Give them the Thai bank details and ask that all future payments be made into that Thai account.
  4. Have you tried the free Foxit Reader, seems to do everything that Adobe does but for free:- https://www.foxitsoftware.com/downloads/
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