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  1. On my Toyota Pick-Up there is a grommet with lots of wires under the passenger seat. I threaded my wire through this hole/grommet and followed the existing wire along the cassis using cable ties to the rear.
  2. Good to know there are some that never have any problem with Windows so never need to fix or repair or reset anything ever - Oh! how I envy you For those whose first language is not English, sorry for the confusion. The title is "Windows Repair Tool" , "Repair" is not the same as "tweaking" as some seem to think. This "Repair" tool is a collection of many repairs and fixes to help solve many problems that may and most probably will happen on a Windows installation at some time. There is noting to install. You can mount the program on a flash drive and use
  3. Well maybe not every problem but at least quite a few. A very useful program I stumbled across that I'm sure will be of use to many Windows users. It's not free but there is a "evaluation" version that will fine for most users. Give it a try https://www.carifred.com/tech_tool_store/
  4. How are you supposed to live and pay back when all you have is a basic state pension? Are you forced onto the plane and the just dumped at Heathrow with no money in your pocket and no where to live. Think might be better just to go and lie on one of those South Coast beaches and wait to be found by the Border Patrol people, with no passport you could be a refuge from just about anywhere You could probably hitch-hike from Heathrow or better still Gatwick in a few hours
  5. You're doing it again, instead of addressing the question you're bringing up alternatives. A pensioner is in jail for overstay. He cannot afford the fare home, in fact does not want to go home as all his relatives and friends have died and there is no one and nothing to go home to. He only has his meager UK pension so even if the Embassy loaned the money he would never be able to repay it so he is stuck in jail. Would they keep him in jail till he died? You can just see the headline "Lone British Pension Dies in Notorious Bangkok Jail" (A bit of exaggerated
  6. As always on this forum people get side tracked go off at tangents and the original question gets lost and not actually answered. So lets say a British pensioner who has been here long time with no family or friends left back in the UK finally runs out of money and can't reach the required financial Immigration requirements gets banged up for overstay. As I understand it he would be held in Immigration jail and deported back to UK at his own expense. But if he does not have the money for a flight is he then kept in jail until he dies?
  7. Have come to the conclusion removing Nose and Ear hair is getting too difficult not to mention painful using tweezers, so decided to upgrade and buy one of those new fangled trimmer things to make life a little more pleasant Looking through options on Lazada I notice it's a bit complicated as there are at least 3 or 4 different types of cutting heads to choose from. The question is, any of you nice gentlemen, or ladies using a trimmer what type are you using and are you happy with the general results. Any feedback welcome.
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