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  1. Not the kind of movie I would normally bother with but there was not much else around at the time so gave it a go. Like you glad I did as it turned out to be quite good.
  2. Layer Cake (2004) With Daniel Craig - 007 Colm Meaney - Miles O'Brien in Star Trek and Tom Hardy amongst others. "good British gangster film. The acting was good, script was tight and the film was well cast. People I had not seen before were well used in their characters. The film starts out nice and simple but as it progreses it gets quite deep and twisted" I enjoyed it
  3. Have been repairing my Hatari fans for many years, normally with no problem. Most times just needed a good clean and sometimes a replacement capacitor, but recently seem to have lost my fixing mojo as cleaning and capacitor replacement did not make the fans spring back to life. Most times the fan will just make a low humming noise when you try to switch it on. Even spinning the blade by hand will not get it to attempt to start. Could be a burnt out motor but then should smell something, but nothing just this low humming noise. Had about 4 fans wit
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