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  1. Some years ago I was riding in the back seat of a mates 4 door pickup and I could see the road through a gap between the door and the door frame Also one of his headlights was way out of align and blinding all oncoming traffic. Obviously it had been in an accident but he didn't seem to notice. One way to check if a vehicle has possibly been in an accident is to get a sheet of A4 paper and place it in the top side and bottom of the door between the door and the frame and with the door closed try to pull the paper out. With the door closed on th
  2. Some years ago I had one scuttle over my foot without biting. I was standing by watching the wife doing something the the garden when she must have disturbed one as it came scuttling out of the undergrowth over my bare foot and disappeared into the undergrowth on the other side. It all happened so quick and was over before I had time to react. guess I was lucky as the thing was in too much of a hurry to get away to (from the wife) to bother to stop and bite. I can still feel the tickly feel of its little feet as it scuttled across my foot.
  3. If the blocks haven't been skimmed with a layer of smooth cement don't think you can just run a paint roller over it. You will be spending most of your time getting the paint brush into all the little holes and crevices in the basic cement block that the roller just skips over
  4. Millipedes, the round black, slow moving ones that curl up when threatened are harmless and rather cute, you can easily pick them up and gently put them outside. Centipedes are the dangerous ones. They are fairly flat and can squeeze through and under almost anything and also move fairly fast. One way to deter these things from wandering in through the gap at the bottom of the door is to spray the floor, bottom of the door and part way up the door frame with strong bug spray. Not the stuff to spray the air for mosquitoes but the stronger stuff that has t
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