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  1. Not so. Very recent reports (at least 2) indicate only 8 working days for UK based applications and 6-7 weeks (at least 3 posters) for very recent applications via VFS Bangkok (mine being one of them). In fact one of the 'UK based applicants' was actually located in Chonburi and used a UK family contact to submit and receive the renewal passport / paperwork that had been sent to UK. An 8 day turnaround (last month) was reported by that particular poster. So seems clear that UK applicants are in a rather different queue than those using the joint services of
  2. Just received an email from VFS that my new UK passport arrived today and is ready for collection. Seems the floodgates may have opened. Best of luck.
  3. The TW rate now at 42.54. Happy days.
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