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  1. Yep, I was in The Gambia on business for a week back in 1979. Was based in Liberia at that time and was expecting similar night life action to the clubs in Gurley Street, Monrovia. Nope, the only 'action' was for the mainly Scandi women of a certain age and their short term local boy friends. I was more than happy to get back to the edgy delights of downtown Monrovia.
  2. It may be as simple as the change of seasons. The yearly monsoon is easing off now, having been in effect from June to September and now decreasing in intensity as it heads south. I was based south of Mumbai for a few years from 1999 and have visited many times since then. The stark contrast between the monsoon and dry seasons is rather dramatic and could well have an impact on health connected issues. This new article (excuse the source!) provides yet more evidence of the impact of Vitamin D (mainly provided from exposure to the sun) in lowering covid rates. This has b
  3. I use an old HP Elitebook for internet and personal use. About a year back the middle bank of keys (6 to N / 7 to M) stopped working. took it to Tukcom and they tried to fix / source a new keyboard but without success. So, I bought a cheapo keyboard, plugged it in and that works just fine for me, if a bit clunky. My work related notebook is about to be replaced by my company so I will shortly transition to that for my personal stuff. The old HP will then be handed down to my grandkids to bash away at. A win win!!
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