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  1. A number of topics on this subject if doing a google search. I have used a translation service (Soi Post Office Translation) on Soi Post Office for translating Thai Birth certs to English for UK passport purposes. This was a few years back and was on left hand side, headed to beach, near beach road end. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/635045-document-translation-service-wherehow-much/
  2. I live in East Pattaya, quite near to the location noted and came across this specimen a few years back, just outside our wall. Took a pic and retreated quickly as it seemed to be sizing me up for it's next meal!!
  3. Wouldn't bet on it. My limited experience of the Gambia, a business trip of two weeks some 40 years ago, was that the only available 'dates' were the local gigolos. Reason being about 95% of the population is muslim. That was of no concern to the scandi women of a certain age who were in high demand from the local beach boys. Me, I was happy to get back to my base in Monrovia and return to the delights of Gurley Street!! As for the German guy, maybe it wasn't just his 'massive' leg that needed some attention from the local quacks...........
  4. There are a few threads on this topic on Thaivisa. A search should reveal them. Here's one for info. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1048649-getting-your-uk-degree-certified/
  5. I pay my Aetna health insurance policy via monthly debits from my local bank account. BPH is acceptable to them.
  6. A further update article. No hard news but just indicating higher expectation of a scam / money laundering scheme. https://www.investinblockchain.com/is-quadriga-ceo-actually-dead-or-140-million-exit-scam/
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