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  1. I was also there. Gunter Netzer in his pomp. But you missed out the Franny Lee goal for England. No, not a penalty.
  2. Cowdenbeath 2 Hamilton Accies 5 in April 1965. Just returned to the UK after 3 years in Singapore, staying with my Mum's relations in Cowdenbeath. Not the most picturesque of stadiums (or towns!!). Unknowingly at the time, we were to move to Hamilton shortly afterwards and ended up living, for a year or so, in Douglas Cottage, which was just over the wall from Douglas Park, the home of The Accies. So, being of an age (and in an age) that you could get away with it, I ended up climbing over the wall for all the home games, except for those against Rangers and Celtic when the polis were out in force. Those were the days!!
  3. Another article spelling out the iniquities of the UK government's stance on frozen pensions. Mention is made of the surplus in the National Insurance Fund (£30b as at March 2019), but that is only likely to give Rishi Sunak ideas that this is a pot he can possibly raid to finance his Covid-19 spending spree!! https://international-adviser.com/uk-pensions-secretary-cherry-picking-facts-on-frozen-pensions/?utm_term=
  4. Interesting that the story changed the closer they got to reaching their £20k target. Now at £17k, which, based on the latest report on the GFM page, will be more than enough to cover medical bills now that he seems to be in a better state. The initial blast at both the hospital and the insurance company was obviously meant to garner the sympathy vote with the high target in mind. Now that both elements are seen to be ill founded, at best, I would hope that GFM has ways to vet the bona fides of such appeals and take the appropriate action.
  5. Based on the OP, the 'raid' was nothing to do with a potential curfew violation.
  6. That starts on 8th June https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/may/22/uk-arrivals-8-june-quarantine-for-14-days-coronavirus. Bit late in the day. It's no wonder that the UK figures are so bad.
  7. Your aim is rather amiss. Motorbikes are the cause of at least 75% of traffic deaths in Thailand.
  8. Yes, your response is totally wrong.......... https://fsims.faa.gov/WDocs/8400.10 Air Transp Ops Insp Handbk/Volume 3. AIR OPERATOR TECHNICAL ADMINISTRATION/Vol 3-Chap 16-Sec 3.htm
  9. Numchai might be an option. They are on Sukhumvit near Little Walk. They have a decent service department and I have used them before with no drama. They do home visit assessments. Maybe a small charge for that - possibly waived if you go ahead with the repair. Not too sure, though, as was sometime back. Worth a contact.
  10. Amazingly there were two survivors, but possibility of local casualties. Some doubt as to whether gear or engine problems. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/may/23/pakistan-plane-crash-survivor-all-i-could-see-was-smoke-and-fire
  11. The 20 minute test is only being trialled in the Uk with results of the trial due in about 6 weeks. So, some way before being a done deal. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-52762153
  12. Old news........... https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1162916-limited-fco-financial-support-for-stranded-uk-tourists/
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