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  1. The waits between steps in the process is all over the place. My MOI wait was longer than ‘average’, but not the longest, by far. I posted my tiomeline here in May of 2018. (Post #3758 on page 251) in case link fails. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/121353-story-of-my-thai-citizenship-application/?do=findComment&comment=12959164 4.5 years all in to receiving Thai ID. good luck! @neeranam -ugh. I can relate. I was asked for work permit at my oath at SB, which was a surprise, but I still had it!
  2. A watched pot never boils! Hang in there. Try and forget it for a few months or more... The waiting time will pass much easier. I even lost track of how long I had been waiting at one point. It was a pleasant (complete) surprise to finally get a call again. 8-) K
  3. We have a south facing window getting sun 5 or 6 hours per day. Decided to cut a 1 meter square of foil backed foam, like used on metal roofing. Fit it snugly against the window inside the wooden frame. Pressure fit, no attachment, can be pulled down and put back in seconds. Never take it down. Also helps keep the cool in when AC is on. Light from a non sun window is plenty. Product is available in rolls at Home Pro, etc. Also love the silver black out cloth we bought at the curtain shop and DIY’d on sliding glass doors using fishing line across the wall above the doors as a hanger. End result is the cloth is flat against the wall, seals well against light and heat, and slides open easily.
  4. 2nd the Daikin Inverter! Buy from an AC shop/installer, not big box store. They really run cheaper and quieter than non inverters. All the sellers wanted me to get 18000 btu for 25 sq. mtrs. room. Very happy with the 12000 btu I bought. Side bar/ Caveat- two non-inverter Daikins I bought 4 and 6 years ago both developed random off and on cycles last year. We thought the remote timer was set, but not. The tech from the selling shop, after much questioning from me, admitted he had seen the problem before. The solution was to remove (unsolder from a little circuit board) the manual off/on micro switch. Both units work as normal again with the switches removed. No more random on - off cycling. One of the craziest fixes I’ve seen in all my years as a tinkerer and diy guy! Good luck with your purchase!
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