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  1. Good luck! Don’t forget the 14 day quarantine if you cross that line!
  2. Thank guys. Battery took a <deleted>. Date stamped in the top is 1017! I installed it in August of 2018. Time flies! New one ordered on Lazada. Hoping that the bad battery caused the barely- runnng condition. It seems the new MOSFET regulator behaves differently wrt battery condition than the stock Honda diode type it replaced. I am sure I rode the bike with a dead battery some years before the regulator change! update to come.
  3. Battery shows 12.1 volts, and FUL on my charger. But not enough juice to sound the horn. Charger has a pulse mode that seems to add some life to weak batteries. Running that now. Need to pull he battery out in order to check the date. I replaced the CDI (from a UK bike breakers over ebay) and upgraded to electronic voltage regulator (from a usa Kawasaki zx10) last year. Have never serviced the magneto or starter. Still stressed about engine barely running after a push start. The magneto should fully power the bike with a bad battery, correct?
  4. A daylight pic for your pleasure. So I use a battery tender now and then to keep a full charge. If the battery suddenly gave up, would it stop the bike from running properly?
  5. Took it for a little spin... and killed it. My 2000 Hornet 600 pride and joy sits way too much as I am busy with construction and getting settled into Issan life. I have been bad about posting all the maintenance, polishing and upgrades over the years. It used to be my daily rider in Bangkok. I have bought parts and supplies in Japan, France, and the US, and she is in top form. I did post about the new Metzelers I ordered from Bangkok recently. So took a quick spin to get her out and warmed up, parked out front under the tree all day, then went for another warm up befor
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