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  1. Thanks guys. My smart phone is not very smart - keeps going in and out of focus when translating.
  2. This message appeared on my LG TV yesterday. The scrolling message at the bottom says in English: "Do not display again". Can someone translate, please.
  3. And do you help any other wildlife, you know the real wild life. Yes, monkeys. I don't have any videos of me feeding them because they are too aggressive and I need both hands to fend them off when they get a bit too antsy. But still pictures I have: And videos from a distance:
  4. More like the tone of the voice that keeps them calm. Or maybe it's because I'd been feeding them for a long time...
  5. They were just playing. I've never been attacked by the "mountain" dogs after many years. And they are cute, even when hungry...
  6. I have more happy memories of packs of "wild" dogs...
  7. I've changed the actual house numbers but not the Moo numbers in this little story... I live at 56/2 Moo 7 100 yards away (at the back of my house) is 56/2 Moo 2. The number of times a delivery man calls me to say "I'm at your gate" and I have to explain "Oh no you're not!"....
  8. I, too, have been using SWIFT with Nationwide - for nearly 20 years. All those "20 quids" add up. I used to wait until I transferred a large amount so the 20 quid fee didn't feel so bad. My last big transfer was just before Chinese New Year. Big mistake. Did the transfer on a Wednesday afternoon Thai time, should've arrived Thursday. Didn't. Friday - didn't...Eventually arrived on Monday morning.
  9. Thanks for the info. I have just signed up too, but haven't done a transfer yet. 6 quid for a transfer is lot better (14 quid better, actually) than using Nationwide and SWIFT. And you see the exact rate that you will get.
  10. I think Mai Khao is best. Even beautiful when it's stormy: But only number 11 on this list here: https://www.phuket101.net/phuket-best-beaches/ Kamala is no. 9. That's about right.
  11. Of course I read it. My reply to you was to say that the forms are available in Phuket Immigration - no need to ask for them. My reply to Swiss1960 was to say we don't even have to get out of the vehicle for 90-day reporting. Perhaps you can show the picture of the Drive-Thru to Phetchabun Immigration - they may copy it.
  12. If I recall correctly, the forms inside at Phuket Immigration are all in piles for you to pick. I haven't been inside for a while because... Phuket has a "DriveThru" - I just stay in the pickup.
  13. Thank you very much. Reading it now. OK. Read the first few pages. Quite disturbing.
  14. Thanks for the link - I'll pay them a visit, and Global House too - see what filters they have. I used to have a giant Mazuma filter - looked like a 5 foot stainless steel rocket on 3 legs. It was used to filter the water from a low level well i.e. not deep bore, and the water was pretty filthy. Then we got the city water. The Mazuma had to be back-flushed regularly to get all the muck out. I found a picture - they're still on sale! Mine had a pressure gauge at the top. Normally it registered about 2 to 2.5 bar. Years ago I had a problem with the City water -
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