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  1. My report was due on 3rd November and I did it last night (27th Oct) and got the approval today.
  2. Me too! The last time I tried was about a year ago when I found the last bit of information that I thought would make it work - the flight number. It was written next to the arrival stamp in my original passport. I think it was ubonjoe who told me where to look for it when I said that I couldn't remember it. So I found it in my old passport but the report was still rejected probably because the arrival date of 2002 was too old. But even this time, the arrival date went back only to 2010, so I edited the date to 2002 and it worked - I got the approval the following day. Truly amazin
  3. I get budgerigar seeds from Supercheap and feed it to wild birds.
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