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  1. No, I must've dreamt it. Oh, wait...
  2. The best post of the thread! Thanks, OC. Go here, people: https://piv-phuket.com/long-stay-extensions/retirement/
  3. If you're happy with the interest rate, why not compare it with the SCB rate. I don't know how different they are. But with SCB (Central Festival is my branch) they print out the 1 year statement while you wait. A friend told me about the SCB "Shopping Card" which I use for Lazada and AliExpress shopping (it's a VISA card) and I put 800k in their Fixed Term deposit account years ago. No worries about waiting for the Bank Statement. My current account is at Krung Thai. Just tonight I was talking about this with a friend who also has a Bangkok Bank account an
  4. I don't believe that, at all. Mind you, the only other office I've been to was in Soi Suan Phlu in Bangkok. That place was a nightmare just because it was so big and so crowded.
  5. Something I just found stapled to my 2015 extension document copies: So maybe next year I'll keep the photocopies of the Bank Book pages in my case and not give them to the IO to check. I'll just give him the 1 year Bank Statement and see if he asks for the Bank Book photocopies. Note, in this list: "Copy face side of ATM card" - that never happened! Also note: "Letter from bank (Max 7 day)" Yes, I know, this was 6 years ago...
  6. I've presented a 12 month statement for the past 5 extensions. It's been a requirement on the Phuket Immigration Volunteer website for at least 2-3 years. I think they gave you a pass last year for some reason. That "joker" guy has a AC/DC personality. I try to say as little as possible to him. You never know how he's going to react. You appear to have screwed up my post that you quoted. The paragraph starting "I've presented a 12 month statement..." is not mine. Tricky stuff, this 'putering.
  7. Never did do it again - overnight the bleach appeared to have whitened it even more.
  8. That is all quite acceptable. I just wish they'd tell people about it before we waste our time and money getting the 3 month statement. The poor guy outside room 103 at Phuket was getting visibly tired of explaining the bank statement requirement.
  9. SCB produce the statement on demand - no waiting - and letter. All for 200 baht. What a bargain!
  10. I don't think that's true. I always go to the bank one day and Immigration the next. That gives me time to photocopy all my documents for keeping for the next year. I've been doing that for... a long time!
  11. I got the bank statement yesterday. I don't think that is the problem. I've got a lot more than 800k in a fixed term deposit account, so I think they just let it go last year. Does anyone know when the "Full 1 Year" statement was first required? It's odd that at least 4 other people were questioning the IO this morning about this requirement. He was getting a little "loud" which is quite unusual for him - the "joker" guy who likes to make people laugh.
  12. Interesting. I used to keep >800k in my Krung Thai current account and always made sure it was above 800k. Then I got a leg infection - cellulitis - and was in hospital for 2 days at ~25k baht/day. This happened a month before my extension. I told the doctor that I had to leave and access my PC to transfer some money into my current account, which I did. From then on, I kept the money in a fixed term deposit account and had no request for a 1-year bank statement until today.
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