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  1. It's 480 baht in Rawai. I once phoned them after they hadn't been for a week or more and got the usual response "Truck broken". (I had the same response a year or so before.) When I completed a new "rubbish collection" form a year or so ago, I noticed that they had put the price up from 360 to 480 baht, but the form stated quite clearly that they would come 3 times a week. That lasted for about a fortnight. Then they came twice a week for a month or so, then back to once a week. I went there to complain and one of the guys rang the driver and I was handed the phone and ended up negotiating how many days per week they would come! We settled on two. It has been like that for a year or so. I know they always leave the top off my bin, but I thought that was so I could see that they'd been, or so it could dry out if there was any liquid inside. Anyway, that's the last job I would want in this climate. I sometimes wonder if there's a time of year to leave a cash bonus out for them. In the UK, it was common practice to give the dustman a "Christmas bonus".
  2. I was able to get to 2002. At first the lowest it would go was 2010 and then after selecting it went back to it and it went lower. Wow! I'll have to try again. My last arrival date is a few months after the date you show, but when I tried online reporting, I couldn't remember the flight number because normally I would fly direct from Heathrow, but the very last time was from Norwich via Amsterdam. I could find no record of it in emails, documents, TM6, etc, and then somebody recommended looking at the passport stamp. Lo and behold, there it was: It looks like China International flight CI066 - which I entered in the online reporting a year or so ago, but with no luck because the drop-down menu date didn't go back far enough. I'll give it another go in a couple of months.
  3. OK, looks like I'll have to get a demo in the shop. Here's the feature that caught my eye: https://imagingedge.sony.net/en-gb/ie-mobile.html I just downloaded Adobe Photoshop Express - looks interesting! Update: I also just had a look at the Sony camera control app "Imaging Edge Mobile" on Google play store. I've never read such a load of bad reviews: https://bit.ly/2A0YLwl So bad, in fact, that I'm now thinking of going with a different camera.
  4. It's a lot of hassle, let alone the risk. Even for a 0.2% increase in return, it's only 2,000 baht on a million. Hardly worth the time and diesel. Maybe if I'm in town with some time to waste I might go to Krungsri, after I've gone to the SCB and withdrawn a load. Isn't there some way to transfer this money electronically, i.e. without carrying a paperbag full of cash from one bank to another?
  5. Hi Skeptic7 - I found a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX99 available at Big Camera. I presume this is the latest version of your HX80. One feature that I wanted is the ability to control the camera from my Android phone and upload the pictures to the internet via WiFi. I'm guessing that this is all possible with Sony's "Imaging Edge Mobile" app: https://imagingedge.sony.net/en-gb/ie-mobile.html So I can set the camera up on a tripod and when I see something interesting around the bird-bath, I can photograph it or video it from a distance. Have you ever used this feature?
  6. Indeed! I noticed straight after I installed it that some birds sat on the edge, looking out, and then poop in it! Eew! So I have an old non-stick ladle hanging on a nearby tree for emptying it. I also buried a plastic pipe in the garden so that I can fill it from a garden tap. At the bird-bath end, it goes up the centre of the "plinth", and up through a hole I drilled in the centre of the saucer on top.
  7. Latest rates from various banks in Phuket's "Central Festival" shopping mall: Krungsri bank "Mee Tae Dai" account: 1.1%, interest paid monthly Bangkok bank: 0.75% Thanachart: eSavings account 1.5%. First you have to open another account and transfer money to the eSavings account. What a hassle. CIMB: 1.2% for 11 months Kasikorn: 0.65% Couldn't find a "LH Bank", but I was tired of looking TBH.
  8. Your bill must be huge! My units were 1150, but they knocked off 115 so I paid for 1035 - that's about 435 baht reduction. Then the 3% reduction on the overall bill - thanks to the MEA - was another 137 baht. But I'm curious about the 10% reduction on the number of units. Curiouser and curiouser... a mate who lives up the road got his wife to pay at the PEA office and got a big discount. His bill was for 2710.82 Baht for 632 units. They didn't knock 10% off the number of units like they did me but, other than that, his bill shows the same calculations as mine. My bill has a line showing the number of units with 10% off near the top, his doesn't. But when his wife paid, she got another receipt showing a discount of 1480.34 Baht on a bill for 2710.82, so a payment of 1230.48 Baht.
  9. I think the boat-rocking is my friend's attitude too. However, I believe he banks with Bangkok bank so I'd better give him a link to this thread.
  10. Can we have a "Bad TV Series" thread? My nomination: "Impractical Jokers" on Warner. Actually, most of that channel's series qualify.
  11. Yes, that's the drop-down I mean, but I thought it didn't get down to 2002 the last time I tried, a few years ago. Maybe I mis-remembered, but for sure after I entered all the information the message "Contact Immigration" (or something like it) was displayed. It's a shame they don't or can't add you to the database after you do a successful report in person. I wonder why that is? (Sort of, rhetorical question ) Edit: So glad Phuket has a "drive-thru" system.
  12. He's never done it and the posibility of big hefty fines is keeping him from starting.
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