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  1. You do realize that there are no pawn shops involved in this trade. It's a pawn car, not a car bought from a pawnbroker. The pawnbroker in the pawn car game is the mug buying a vehicle without any legally acceptable proof of ownership.
  2. Great idea for a novel, 'Fear and Loathing in Hang Dong'. Should easily outsell Leather's 'Private Dancer'.
  3. @Somtamnication is absolutely salivating over the thought of Anutin salivating over this news!
  4. Post of the day there . Well done. Pawn cars are a way for people who can no longer afford to pay the finance company to avoid vehicle repossession.
  5. Having lived in Thailand as long as you have, I am surprised that you are suggesting putting all your eggs in one basket. Right now, I am registered with the "Mor Prom" app as well as at three private hospitals. If one has the alien ID number and the app, I say go ahead and register.
  6. No they are not. WHO experts have voiced "very low confidence" in data provided by Chinese state-owned drugmaker Sinopharm on its COVID-19 vaccine regarding the risk of serious side-effects in some patients, but overall confidence in its ability to prevent the disease, a document seen by Reuters shows. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/exclusive-who-experts-voice-very-low-confidence-some-sinopharm-covid-19-vaccine-2021-05-05/
  7. I was locked up for over 72 hours before my lawyer posted bail and I went home. Then I went to court where the prosecution failed to show, charges were dismissed and I gained innocent status. So for the best part of about 8 days, I was guilty until found innocent. That was for a misdemeanor charge. With a couple of felony charges, this guy's bail was probably quite high but he made it anyway. Unless he had a decent wedge handy, that's what bail bondsmen are for. Then the guy left the country so if he did use a bail bondsman, that's someone else after his hide. But considering he le
  8. Second newspaper article. https://www.greeleytribune.com/2021/01/01/mead-police-seize-79-firearms-following-traffic-stop/ Balzer paid bail and is no longer in custody according to information from the Weld County Sheriff’s Office.
  9. He was released when he MADE BAIL. Read the other story linked earlier. https://www.greeleytribune.com/2021/01/01/mead-police-seize-79-firearms-following-traffic-stop/ It would appear that after making bail on "74 violations of a protection order, two felony counts of possession of an illegal weapon and two counts possession of a dangerous weapon", he probably thought that was time to skip the country.
  10. Doesn't seem to be clear as many have questioned this on this forum. Trawling Beach Road for the errant coconut bar worker is NOT exercise. That comes afterwards.
  11. There's more US criminality and much more recent as well. The driver, Jason Balzer (right), age 32, was arrested for 74 violations of a protection order, 2 felony counts of possession of an illegal weapon, and 2 counts possession of a dangerous weapon. https://www.townofmead.org/police/page/mead-police-seize-79-firearms In this article covering the same arrest, it says he made bail and was released. https://www.greeleytribune.com/2021/01/01/mead-police-seize-79-firearms-following-traffic-stop/
  12. How come Thailand always manages to attract the absolute very best out of every country in the world? At least this time it isn't Pattaya's good name that's getting sullied.
  13. Since the UK, that leading light of Covid vaccination, only started doing it on 8 December, I am not sure where your claim that private hospitals in Thailand have been denied from providing vaccination "for over six months" comes from, this being early May and all.
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