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  1. I thought that attitude comes easily with being a forum member here and isn't necessarily exclusive to Pattaya.
  2. I heard that if you leave the money out on the nightstand or by the door, they tend to take care of themselves.
  3. Flip flop when the painters are in. It's a medical fact that when women live in close proximity over a given period, all their kitchens needs replacing at the same time.
  4. Right from the get go, global health authorities and governments have stressed the reality that this pandemic will impact the elderly and immune-compromised far more than any other human demographic. Therefore I don't see any need to dig deeper into what PRECISELY caused any one person's demise. There's no great Covid number inflation scam going on here. Questioning the veracity of the numbers just plays to the conspiracy theorists 'societal reset' nonsense.
  5. Thread bump. The new, 2-part medical certificate is now available on the DLT's website in a downloadable pdf. Scroll down for it. https://www.dlt.go.th/th/public-news/view.php?_did=2816
  6. Possibly the lack of guidance from their governments or an inefficient or non-existent state-supported public health regimen? Definitely the case in Iran. I recall when their infection rates were taking off like a bottle rocket and their Deputy Health Minister went on national television, obviously in physical distress, to deny mass deaths due to Covid-19. He tested +ve shortly afterwards but still tended to downplay the threat with the rather Trumpist “Iran will overcome” nonsense rather than accede to the real threat.
  7. Only if you subscribe to the notions, a staple of the Thai bashers that move among us, that the Thai's think we are dirty and the Thai's don't like us here.
  8. Since the OP specifically mentioned the virus, I am not at all sure where Thailand's consistently high daily road accident fatality rates make any difference or are even relevant in calculating "how deadly this virus is" here, Scotland or anywhere else.
  9. I think the key is in reading what is called excess deaths (deviation in mortality from the expected level)* for whatever country you are interested in. Rather than specific numbers, the graphs from the website linked below show percentage comparisons, ie. April 2020, the UK was 108% (over twice as many), Scotland 80% (almost twice as many) and US was 44% (almost half as much increase) over April 2019. Note that Thailand doesn't report their figures weekly but only monthly so their April 2020 figures suggest it wasn't significantly higher with a fall from maybe being +10% the previ
  10. Was there a fee? Done in one visit? While you wait? Any used car flippers out there?
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