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  1. Mrs Nan's best mate's husband has been warning me for the best part of a year already about how my truck lights are going to give me a pile of grief with the MiB. I replaced the H4 headlights with LED's when I bought it new five years ago and made sure I bought quality, street-legal ones when overseas. Although bright white (6000k), they aren't like some of the dazzling blue-white (8000k) that seems very popular with the locals. The problem is that the local market is flooded with cheap, badly manufactured Chinese imports and less than clever installers who do stuff like leave reflectors in wh
  2. San Miguel Pale Pilsen in the shorter brown bottles.
  3. There are also those wi-fi connected appliance smart switches to consider? I have a washing machine that gets overused and despite discussing load sharing, frequency of clothes washing and other measures with the abusers, I couldn't make any major impression on the water bill. It ended up with people getting up in the middle of the night to beat the 'landlord' and do their laundry. I considered putting a coin box switch on it which would have cost maybe around 1200 baht plus installation, but they would probably just start walking 20 yards down the road and giving someone else their 40 baht. S
  4. So, just add any Thai driver behind any wheel and Pow!... there's a 50 grand fine right there.
  5. Well, thats for a washing machine. Can't see how that would work with an aircon. I take it Oliver isn't at all familiar with electrical appliances?
  6. Nice. Got one of these as a rental (not in Thailand) a few years back and thought it was bloody great, almost bought a big dog just to get the whole experience. More recently, I got a Subaru Forester as a weekend airport rental at Suvarnabhumi and although it did the business overall, the cheap plastic interior trim was a downer.
  7. Back on topic, the OP's old pickup may have the original hard rubber and shocks? A set of new tires and new shocks can be had for around 7,000-10,000 baht per set. New tires and shocks and I bet she'll ride just like a bought one (again).
  8. I had the hots for a Volkwagen Phaeton while they lasted. But to be honest, after a spell working in Australia, I was sold on this lidd'l beaudy.
  9. I didn't like the Maybach's looks either which was the main reason I didn't buy one. A good friend of mine swore by his Hyundai Tiburon but I still wouldn't be seen dead in it.
  10. But doesn't get him the visa/extension he's looking for (reading between the lines). That's what agents are for (and you don't have to marry them either).
  11. I give them two years whereupon the mid-term results will kick them well into touch.
  12. ^ You can't get into Laos and you can't enter Thailand from Laos either so I guess it's still 'up there'.
  13. Yes they do. Their terms and conditions are easily the best part of 2-pages of A4 but it is ALL in there.
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