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  1. ...and by inference, NOT from the large, prestigiously named hospital nearby.
  2. Clear immigration, then Lounge pass and hotel The OP has to check in first and his flight has been nudged by 24-hours so the lounges and hotels aren't an option even if the he had some spare cash which he says he hasn't.
  3. I was dating a black girl back in Houston round about the time when his career was taking off and she said a common sentiment was although his music was damn good (note to BMToo, he was R&B and not a rapper), there was a lot of murky stuff about him already being talked about. This included his being on the down low which he famously titled a song which was one of his biggest hits. Although the song suggested heterosexual infidelity, most thought it suggested something more.
  4. So the OP must thrash around on the ground like a felled EPL ballet dancer if he comes off the 'balanced beam' next time?
  5. So, not a whole helluva lot goin' on in your neck o' the woods today, eh champers? Why don't you tell us what you bought while you were out shopping instead?
  6. Thaksin's war on drugs was equally popular among most of the local population here who similarly averted their eyes from the way it was implemented. His sister also "took over from him... when he moved on." Doesn't mean he was a great guy.
  7. You do understand that Thai Immigration's computers and database are provided by and the same standard as the US Immigration computers. They aren't running Somchai's old 386's here. Yes, the mismatch of fingerprints will get a 'red flag' but the scanners do work (see above) and they also give a 'green flag' when everything matches what they have in their database and that includes name, date-of-birth, place-of-birth and the facial biometrics in that order. That's why passport and name changes aren't any sort of silver bullet as you are not legally allowed to change your birth date or place of birth.
  8. They don't. See post #47 No, it's Khanun, the epicenter of rustic yokelry. Are there some nasty, farang snitch types in Khun Han then? Doesn't even need a 'roo bar here tho'.
  9. I reckon if a villager in Bahn Nawk Noi reports a farang in a village to their local cops, they call the immigration cops who do a quick check on their increasingly updated and accurate database. When it shows that there's no record of ANY farang living in or near Bahn Nawk Noi, then even the RTP can put 2 and 2 together and they jump in the smart car and as they say, the rest is history. They won't know he's on overstay until they find him, get his passport and look up the database. If he's legal and just wanting a quiet life or if hiding in the boonies from his yabaa-crazy, gogo dancer ex-girlfriend, then you'll never hear about it. If he's illegal, they run to the local print shop, get the color placards made, call in the media and we get to read all about it here on these hallowed pages where we can take the Mickey out of them.
  10. This isn't about Thai banking so Mods can close if they consider it of no interest. Just posted here as I am sure there are some members with UAE banking experience. I am following up on a FIFO job offer in UAE with salary paid into a local bank account. I won't be considered a UAE resident AFAIK but assume I will get some sort of ID card. I understand that non-residents can only get a deposit account with a debit card. Does this have restrictions on international transactions. Has anyone any advice on UAE banking such as recommended banks, account opening and closing, minimum funds, availability of online banking, international transfers or other methods of repatriation of funds? Thanks! NL
  11. If you want to label me as a rambling snarky troll and call my clarification that my earlier statement was a personal opinion as a some sort of backpedal, that's fine. But then you waste our time bloviating about how you do online support for noobs as some allusion to being more savvy that most. So CCleaner works for you daily?... hoo-bloody-ray! "All ship shape and Bristol fashion".... sheesh.
  12. His seat at the table at the World Bank, the IMF and the like is assured regardless of any questionable competencies. Just ask Lagarde at the ECB.
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