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  1. Glad that it all worked out for you and your travel to work here and ASQ lodging is as easy as some other members have indicated. FWIW, ThaiSmile are offering their A320's for charter on their website. I wouldn't be surprised if they are being used for regional repatriation groups already.
  2. I read it as simply a statement that the Immigration Bureau will enforce these current amnesty rules up to and including the 26 September. Others read it as a covert "not permitted to stay beyond" 26 September. I don't have a copy of the original April amnesty translation but it would be enlightening to see if there's an 'Article 1' in that order and what 'closing' date is referenced.
  3. AFAIK, there's been nothing since the officially promulgated edicts on 29 July. The translation of that is already in the public domain. Thai Immigration pre-empted their proposals to the government with official looking instructions on their website and other media. Their proposals were not supported by the government and thus the amnesty is extended to 26 September under the original rules that applied when it was originally issued last April. That includes NO 'grace period' and NO advice to either leave before 26 September or make sure you have the right to remain after that date.
  4. Amazing when you consider their website says a glass of house wine is only 120 baht.
  5. Meanwhile at least one TV member has managed to negotiate the slightly tortuous way back into Thailand via the RTE in London. Why do you need to talk with anyone when their posted instructions are clear. Your passport copy and your spouse's or child’s or your parent's passport copy A copy of your Thai visa (if already expired, you have to apply for a new one) Copy of marriage certificate or birth certificate Copy of health insurance policy which covers COVID related medical treatment and coverage of no less than 100,000 USD A copy of a hotel booking for Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) at one of the hotels approved by the Thai authorities Other supporting documents (if any), such as if you own a property in Thailand Declaration form, duly completed and signed Forget about any and all pre-existing flights, canceled or otherwise. They are irrelevant at this juncture. The RTE assigns you a seat on a flight after your petition to re-enter (by email) has been approved (by email) and the priority Thai repatriation quota has availability. 3 out of 10 Must try harder (and stop wasting time trying to call) PS: The Brit Embassy in Bangkok can't help you either so why even mention them?
  6. That snip is from the Immigration infographic that was released BEFORE the last CCSA, cabinet and PM approved OFFICIAL and Royal Gazetted change on 29 July that makes absolutely NO mention of the 'grace' period and having to leave on or before 26 September. Thanks for the wind up.
  7. And back towards the end of July, I was told at Udon immigration that they, like many other immigration offices weren't processing any extensions until after the official announcement on whether the amnesty would end (their recommendation) or be extended (government's recommendation and actual action). That immigration infographic posted earlier is only getting the usual stress monkeys all worked up again.
  8. Nowhere in the last official announcement is there any suggestion of the need to "prepare for departing the kingdom within september 26, 2020" Maybe you are still confused by the Immigration Department's suggestion late last month to end the amnesty 31 July and offer a 60-day 'grace' period until 26 September? The CCSA, cabinet and PM did NOT approve that suggestion. The existing amnesty was simply extended without any pre-conditions until 26 September.
  9. Readers please note that no cats were hurt in this detailed diagnostic analysis.
  10. Isn't it a bit stranger that all of a sudden we have whole city police forces that appear to have been rendered "powerless"?
  11. And the arresting authorities will still be unable to offer any evidence that they are members of any centrally organized Antifa.
  12. Law & Order is still rightfully left to each State & yes certain States are breaking down as you can see Which States should also be noted & what type of State Government is in control A state-wide breakdown in law and order? Where? When? Let me guess here... it's those infernal black democrats again?
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