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  1. I work in Burma and the dogs here, just as plentiful as in Thailand, totally ignore everyone including foreigners. I did have a couple of yapping, snappers come out of a shop front a few days ago as I strolled by and was a bit surprised until I noticed the business was selling stuff imported from Thailand.
  2. The key to short-term parking if you enter from the north-side is to AVOID the drop-off level which shares the (now) air-conditioned walkways into the terminal. I think that's parking level 5? It's always full of double-parked cars. I regularly use short-term car park 3 which is the second (last) most westerly one (Bangkok side) and go DOWN to level 4 where there's usually loads of spaces unless it's a big holiday weekend. My experience with car park 2 is it fills up first...since it's the first covered car park entrance you reach as well as sharing the terminal entry level. I have had success once getting a lower-level spot when entering from the ground level south-side (nearest terminal) but may just have been lucky that day (the north side level 5 entrances were closed for maintenance). Most drivers are averse to walking, hence the double-parking habit so levels 1 and 5 should be avoided.
  3. Given that she had dual nationality, it was the British government's only option. Had she been a 100% British citizen born in the UK, the British government would have been totally unable to legally strip her of her British nationality.
  4. I may be wrong and with deference to BritTim's earlier comment, if you are aiming for a visa-exempt entry, regardless of having 20k cash and on onward ticket, there's a higher probability of getting knocked back at DMK Don Meuang than trying for a visa-exempt entry at BKK Bangkok. Your history doesn't seem too questionable but the IO with a 'bad hair day' scenario seems to be more of an issue at the northern airport. Since you have Vietnam on your radar already, what's the chance of heading over to Saigon and applying for a SETV there? There used to be a pinned 'sticky' thread with updates about the difficulty or otherwise of getting various Thai visa's at regional embassies and consulates. Looks like it's been un-pinned, maybe due to lack of current information? https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/189375-latest-reports-of-getting-a-visa-in-the-region/
  5. Why? They don't normally breathalyze their own here so why should a foreigner not get the same benefit of the doubt?
  6. The plarah magnate and the academic. I mean what could possibly go wrong?
  7. Emergency? What emergency? I have heard that the Mar-a-Lago groundsman has reported a bit of a drainage issue on the 15th hole, just short of the green. Maybe that's the emergency.
  8. ...and whatever else you pedestrians do, get outa my way.
  9. A bit more eloquent than the usual hang 'em high, castrate with a rusty knife fans here. ...but not much. 4 out of 10
  10. Aha!... so THAT'S how you do it. Thanks!
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