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  1. The OP should consider how many days or how many Thailand stopovers per year as a 'Tourist' between these regional work gigs. If those numbers make it look like you would be using a Tourist visa maybe 5 or 6 times a year, apart from avoiding both Bangkok airports, it should be OK. Land border crossings will attract less attention. Maybe compare how the same amount of visits per-year to Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong would be tolerated by their immigration rules? Whatever is the easiest one to come and go, make that the home base. It would be quite stressful if one was winding up a job in (say) KL and wondering if Thai immigration were going to allow you back in. More of a case of 'when' than 'if' really.
  2. Looking at Thailand's comparative GDP and the strength of the Thai baht, I reckon they have no problems with workers getting up on time and putting in the hours. Meanwhile, in another thread, loads of farangs are bitching about being unable to buy alcohol between 2 PM and 5 PM. The rest don't appear to have enough money to stay here anyway.
  3. For which Pattaya's curmudgeonly gracefully aging Lothario's citizenry says, "You're welcome!"
  4. How many times do we have to explain to the know-it-all foreigners that the 134:00 - 17:00 alcohol sales ban is to stop the kids carrying on drinking after lunch and taking the whole afternoon off school. Here's a clue: you can buy cold beer anytime between 11:00 and 14:00. Just need to get your lazy ass outta bed earlier be more motivated.
  5. Eh? I remember when I were a lad and robbers nicked lead off the local church roof. People have been nicking copper wire off phone lines and power poles since, .... since phone lines and power poles were invented. Stuff all to do with economic slowdown. There's thieves and then there's other thieves.
  6. Midnight in Udon Thani except for the one police-owned local dance hall which respects the national 2 AM curfew. I don't ramwong either.
  7. Classic. Just another example of the perpetual farang whiners "damned if they do and damned if they don't" response. "They're killing tourism with their alcohol bans!!!" Then... "They're going to kill more people with less alcohol restrictions!!!" Make your bloody minds up willya?!
  8. What car are you installing it in? Some marques have the antenna and other r.f. blocking stuff in the top edge of the windscreen. This can block the weaker, higher frequency GPS signals from reaching the dashcams small built-in GPS antenna. That's why they suggested relocating it to see if it finds satellites. I suggest a test run with it lying on the dashboard top, no need to go driving. If it acquires satellites OK, then the unit's basic GPS is working OK. If the GPS dies when you move it back to the top of the windshield, then it may be what's in the glass. Another thing that can affect GPS signals are after market screen tints that have a metallic content.
  9. Because for the second picture, the camera is triggered exactly when the light goes red, same as red-light cameras in the 'real world'.
  10. A radiator to put it in? PS. Anti-freeze isn't just for the colder northern climes BTW.
  11. How did that go? Don't forget you have a (non-endorsable, non-refundable) flight to catch.
  12. Spoken by someone who is unaware of some of the perks of being a company board member just about anywhere.
  13. As of January 2019, regular passport holders from 24 COUNTRIES below DO NOT need a tourist visa for Vietnam: Countries Passport Required MAXIMUM STAY Chile Yes less than 90 days Cambodia Yes less than 30 days Indonesia Yes less than 30 days Kyrgyzstan Yes less than 30 days Laos Yes less than 30 days Malaysia Yes less than 30 days Singapore Yes less than 30 days Thailand Yes less than 30 days Philippines Yes less than 21 days Brunei Yes less than 14 days Myanmar Yes less than 14 days Belarus Yes less than 15 days Denmark Yes less than 15 days Finland Yes less than 15 days France Yes less than 15 days Germany Yes less than 15 days Italy Yes less than 15 days Japan Yes less than 15 days Norway Yes less than 15 days Russia Yes less than 15 days South Korea Yes less than 15 days Spain Yes less than 15 days Sweden Yes less than 15 days United Kingdom Yes less than 15 days A confirmed return ticket is required to be shown to the check-in for the flight taking you TO Vietnam and also shown to the Immigration Officer on arrival. Last I heard, electronic versions on smartphones were being accepted in lieu of a printed itinerary.
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